Riot Web and Desktop version 0.10 is here!
3 min readJun 2, 2017

Just under two weeks since our last release, Riot Web 0.10.0 is here and it’s a cracker 😛 There’s a huge amount of new stuff in this release, largely thanks to the wider Riot community — including full internationalisation support, new compact CSS theme, Electron improvements and more! Read on to learn about all the great new features landing this week…

Update: 0.10.1 was released shortly afterwards to fix a bug where ‘Start Chat’ failed if you already had a chat open with someone. And it adds work-in-progress Swedish translation too!


Riot Web now supports internationalisation, and has already been translated into French, German and Brazilian Portuguese with yet more languages inbound.

Particular thanks go to MTRNord and Daniel for driving this effort, as well as to all the community members who’ve provided translations — please head to if you’d like to get involved!

Compact theme and always-visible timestamps

A compact theme has always been one of our most requested features, and now thanks to uhoreg it is finally reality!

Take a look at the user settings (the cog in the bottom left) to try out the the compact layout, 12 hour format (thanks to MaxwellK) and the always-visible timestamps:

Piwik usage stats

We’ve integrated Riot Web with the Open Source analytics engine Piwik (thanks again to t3chguy) to report fully-anonymised usage statistics back to the team. We’re committed to making as user-friendly as we can, and Piwik will give us invaluable feedback on how the application is being used in the wild 😄

Best of the rest

  • Electron Autolaunch — the Electron desktop can now be configured (in user settings — the cog in the bottom left) to launch on system startup
  • WebRTC Settings — you can now configure your microphone/webcam settings from within itself — open the user settings panel to make changes:

Wrapping up

Thanks again for you interest, enthusiasm and support. As always, for details of all the changes we’ve made check out the changelogs for Riot Web, Matrix React SDK and Matrix JS SDK.



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