Riot Web and Desktop version 0.9.10 is here
2 min readMay 24, 2017


Almost a month after our last release, 0.9.10 landed yesterday. It brings stability improvements for E2E and lots of incremental UX fixes across the board.

E2E improvements

Work continues apace to improve E2E UX and stability. 0.9.10 lands a reworked device sync to tackle the stale device list problem. This should reduce the incidence of decryption (UISI) bugs, though there’s plenty of work still to do here.

These changes are in Riot Web/Desktop only for now — they’ll land in the mobile apps soon.

Usability fixes and improvements

Login UX

Based on your feedback we’ve made yet more tweaks to the login UX. Login by phone number is now behind a dropdown, and the country picker is more obviously part of the phone number input box.

Huge thanks to the community

This release also includes a significant contribution from the community; a particular shout out goes to t3chguy for his herculean efforts mending many of the broken windows.

We’d also like to thank t3chguy and uhoreg and friends for their duplicate-bug-squashing marathon. Keeping on top of a large project’s issue list is tough; your efforts are enormously appreciated :)

Rageshake server enhancements

Riot’s “rageshake” bug report feature has seen some love, making filing bugs (and in particular uploading large log files) much smoother. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to report bugs they find :P

Wrapping up

Thanks as always for your interest and support :) For the gory details check the changelogs for Riot Web, Matrix React SDK and Matrix JS SDK.

One final note; going forward we’re looking to pursue a much more regular release schedule (we’re targeting weekly releases) so you should start to see these updates coming more frequently :)



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