Slack Bridge Improvements!

Over the past two weeks or so we’ve been improving Riot’s Slack bridge enormously: making it as seamless as possible to link the members and history of a Slack room into Matrix (and from Matrix to wherever else you want to bridge the room, e.g. IRC, Gitter etc!). When bridging a Slack channel from Riot, a new button will now appear:

As shown in the image, Slack can now do a lot more once you’ve authorised it to do so. This gives your bridged Slack channels a much shinier appearance with images, files, avatar pictures, action (‘emote’) messages being bridged, and more — it’s now pretty much invisible that you’re talking to someone on Slack from Matrix and vice versa :)

Of course, the new slack bridge is open source at if you want to run it on your own Matrix homeserver.

— Luke Barnard