Stickers are here!! Introducing 0.15 for web & desktop!
May 17, 2018 · 3 min read

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: now supports stickers on web and desktop!

Express your happiness through the medium of dog.

A picture’s worth a thousand words, so save those typing fingers and say it with stickers:

We’re launching the feature with four new stickerpacks you can add to your account today (including one set artisanally hand-crafted in Microsoft Paint by yours truly). Just click on the sticker button (the smiley face in the message composer), and select ‘add some stickerpacks’ to get started!

Easy peasy lemon-squeezy

Wait, isn’t Riot in a feature freeze?

Integrations exist to allow businesses to offer services into the Matrix ecosystem — these particular stickerpacks are delivered via Modular, the integrations service provided by New Vector (the company behind Riot). The key details here are:

  • any client that supports integrations (not just Riot) can use these same stickerpacks from Modular (and sticker picker) with minimal effort, and
  • any client that supports integrations (including Riot) can connect with any integrations provider (such as TravisR’s open source Dimension) to take advantage of the services they offer!
Stickers rock.

Can I add my own stickers?

That’s all for now!

In addition to stickers, Riot 0.15 also includes a bunch of other performance and stability fixes, including speeding up encryption unrecognisably on Firefox and switching to Electron 2.0 (to help protect against potential Electron vulnerabilities) — see the full Riot/Web and matrix-react-sdk changelogs for details.

And as always: thank you for using 😊 We hope you enjoy expressing yourself through stickers, and as always please keep that feedback coming — either via Github or over at!

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