Welcome to an even better New Year!

We’ve reached this time of the year again, where we look back over the last twelve months and everything that’s happened. How many celebrities and others we’ve lost, how many cute babies we’ve welcomed, how many new friends, new places and happy memories we’ve had, how much scarier the world has become… And as we unwrap our new smartphone or tablet that Santa dropped by the Christmas tree, how many new apps we installed, how many of them we actually used and how much more addicted we’ve become…

The good news is that this time of the year is also the best one to do a fresh start. Cleanup the unused, keep the minimum and maximize efficiency: let’s do it differently!

At Riot, looking back at the last year is quite exciting: starting as Vector, launching in Beta in June, being reborn as Riot in September, and finally starting the end-to-end encryption beta in November! And of course watching a community of enthusiastic users growing every day, getting ever more involved in helping us build a tool which fits their needs.

But looking ahead there is so much left to do! Improving the UX to make it more accessible to a wider audience, boosting performance, finalizing crypto, building more bridges, bots and integrations, and of course adding the key features which will bring Riot closer to its ultimate ambition: be an app which actually helps the user enough during their online time to allow them to disconnect more easily. And there is nothing more thrilling than actually building a product which can change everyone’s lives :)

So after celebrating tonight, as you sit back next week and are digging through the mountain of emails which have accumulated over the holiday why not consider an app which will minimize this in the future, brings together all your teams and helps manage the noise across all your conversations!

And look out for fun campaigns and prizes coming up, but I won’t say more… Ssshhh… :X

In the meantime the whole Riot team wishes you a very happy and balanced New Year, and pledge our indefatigable support in constantly improving the app you need!

— Amandine and the Riot team