How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization
David Hopkins

The cry of the lonely and unheard intellectual is a tired one. Mr. Hopkins could easily written this article about wildly popular movie “The Breakfast Club” from nearly 20 years earlier.

Perhaps the problem isn’t that people don’t listen to “nerds” anymore but that people don’t listen to anyone anymore. I know plenty of very “intelligent” people that believe that they don’t need to hear other people’s thoughts because , in their mind, the people are beneath them intellectually and are obviously wrong. The so-called fall of western society can be more readily applied to the egotism of the “me” and the elevating of one’s chosen sub-group over all others to the point of ignorance. As we close our ears to one another and dismiss points of view before they are considered we no longer merge into one culture but diverge into antagonistic groups. This is not any one of these groups domain and it is not a persecution of the intellectuals. Rather it is the failure of us as a society to see we are all one and with commonality above our differences.

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