How many people are sticking to their New Years resolution? Our Jan Week two gym report investigates.

Two weeks in, and with the pseudo-scientific Blue Monday of just around the corner, it might seem hard right now to imagine sticking to the new found gym regime, and getting the summer body. This week, we are going to take a look at how our Gym users are fairing, negotiating a January filled with strikes, early nights and a blanket of snow.

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Are gym users sticking to the gym?

After seeing a surge of eager Gym users in the first week of January, we start by taking a look at how the consistent Gym visits have been at the start of January.

Numbers represent date in January

The graph above shows the expected early January surge, with numbers peaking that week on the 5th. We then see a significant dip for the weekend, followed by a January peak on the 10th, beating the previous midweek by a small margin.

The graph above examines gym visits in the first two weeks of December. If we compare the two graphs, we see high numbers of gym visits at the start of December, with a massive dip as Christmas begins to take hold.

Light Blue (November) Dark Blue (December)

If we examine the graph above, comparing visits in November and December, we can see that usage in December varies greatly from November, with December visits unable to match November peaks after the first few days of the month.

Who and why?

This week we introduce our new demographic data to the reports. Using census data we are able to enhance our insights to see who is really visiting gyms.

Average income of David Lloyd Gym users

The above graph shows the average income of David Lloyd Gym users that we analysed.

Average income of Fit4Less Users

David Lloyd and Fitness4Less have similar profiles of customers when we compared to each other.

Average of income Virgin users

Comparing the previous two Gym brands with Virgin active, we can see a big difference in the income brackets of the users analysed. There is an even spread of users, meaning that Virgin Gyms appeal to a wider audience than their counterparts.

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Please note we have excluded all health and Fitness app data to ensure an even report.

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