on forgiveness and the church
Michele Catalano

I just want to say that you have probably thought more about this sermon that I bet most of the regular attendees of church have. Mucho kudos.

I can totally relate to this; How can a God be so loving to the murderes; rapists of this world? But then I stop and think that I am in no place to ask that because I think of it this way;

What if God had to make a choice; forgive all, including my sinful self, or forgive none, so that no evil doers can get into Heaven?

I am glad that He chose to have a way to forgive us all if we so choose to take it. Just remember, not all murderers are going to Heaven, but not all of them are going to Hell either. It is their choice what they do with God’s gift.

If someone were to hurt my child; I am not sure that I would be able to forgive them. Hopefully, we will never have to be given the option.

I go to church regularly. I am not an expert in anything Church or Bible or Jesus nor even forgiveness. I just know that for me; I was forgiven; I have chosen to forgive. I’m thankful God has given me that choice.

Any questions or anything let me know; this blog has me really thinking. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!

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