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It’s weird and maybe out of my sphere of influence to comment on this, but don’t ever think that liking someone means you have to stop liking yourself. A willingness to like other people, to invest in the lives and opinions of others, just means you like yourself enough to do so. It’s important to try and frame the anxiety of a crush not as a negative but rather as nervous energy arising from excitement. Its exciting to find people interesting and to open yourself up to the possibility of them reciprocating that feeling. It doesn’t have to be hopeless unless you think of it that way. We participate in lots of things that are hopeless everyday, but that doesn’t make them any less valuable or fun in the moment. Sometimes the experience is and should be enough. Its hard to look at it that way, but it certainly can feel much better when you do. Sorry for going all preachy, but I think you should hear this stuff.

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