Four Shoes to Pair Up With Jeans

Shoes are not just meant to protect your feet. Gentlemen, they add an element of style to your attire and help you make an impression. You don’t need to be a fashionista to pick the right pair for an occasion or outfit. If you are used to wearing jeans and hanging out in casual settings, then here are the four must-haves that a guy should own.

  1. Sandals

It’s monsoon again, and keeping your feet dry will be the first thing on your mind. If you often groom your feet on a regular basis and are unafraid to put the toes on display, then feel free to wear sandals. Whether you are wearing light hued, average-fit jeans or dark, heavy denim, sandals will still add that casualness to your look.

2. Casual Shoes

When it comes to picking anything under this segment, you can choose among a host of options. Sneakers, boat shoes, casual shoes, and many more, choose a pair and match it with your denim. There are several brands such as LeeCooper shoes, Converse, and Adidas amongst others that offer a range of casual shoes to compliment your attire.

3. Boots

Whether you may believe it or not, cowboy boots are the best to pair up with denim. If you are unsure about trying this option, then just ask James Dean. You may not be able to put a day-dream look like he does, but you can definitely manage to bolster that masculine appeal which those cowboys managed back in those days, without any effort.

4. Dress Shoes

And it all comes down to formals and pairing the right shoes with them. Planning to boast that debonair look that will make all the people in the room wonder? Then think no more and choose the suede derbies or the tanned leather oxfords. Suave, subtle, and elegant, they are ideal to experiment tastefully without losing the charm.

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