Important Add-On Covers For Auto Insurance

Automobile insurance is an integral part of owning a vehicle. While insurance is usually thought as a recurring expenditure by few, there are various auto-insurance add-ons that provide multi-fold benefits increasing the protective cover for not just the vehicle but also the owner.

In today’s times of growing needs, several factors affect every vehicle owner in some or the other way. Sometimes just having a general car insurance is not enough, and other add-ons become really necessary of an auto-insurance package. Here are some important add-ons so that you are sure you are completely covered.

No-claim Bonus Protection (NCB)

No-claim bonus Protection is an add-on, which is like a reward that you receive if you have not used any of your insurance claims in the last few years. Usually, several people buy car insurance and renew it every year without actually filing any claims. Without the no-claim bonus add-on, even a single claim can bring down the discount a nada, but the NCB allows for discounted protection even after availing a claim.

Loss of Personal Belongings

Loss of Personal Belongings add-on allows you to claim any theft or loss of personal belongings, including precious and expensive belongings –such as laptop or any other electronic equipment from a locked vehicle. Various insurance companies offer a wide range of personal belonging loss claim, with claim amounts going as high as Rs 50,000.

Quick Assistance of Road

Quick Assistance of Road add-on enables basic services that are required in case of an emergency situations. The assistance matters can differ for different situations like having a flat tire or running out of fuel or battery while you are stranded. Users opting this kind of add-on policy can avail fuel assistance, taxi, and accommodation benefits when started in any remote destination.

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