Three Common myths about Travel Insurance

So you are aware of international travel insurance and why is it important. Yet, you choose to overlook its importance even if you are going on your trip abroad. This is because you believe that there is no need to purchase it and you’d rather stay true to that.

Here are some of the most common myths surrounding international travel insurance:

There is no scope of any issue:- Nothing is guaranteed in life, therefore, one can never be sure of what may come next. It is possible that you may have traveled out of India many times and never met with a serious problem. However, there is scope of any unpredictable events arising while you are traveling abroad. What if your flight gets delayed or you fall ill? In such cases, it is a travel insurance that provides the right cushion.

Travel Insurance is for adventure travelers:- It is true that people who participate in adventure sports such as skydiving, ice-climbing, etc. require travel insurance as it involves a good amount of risk. However, this does not eliminate the possibility of you experiencing a situation which may leave you stranded too. For example, if you end up losing your passport in a foreign country, it is equivalent to a risk only. Having a travel insurance plan makes it easier for you to manage a duplicate passport and also covers for your expenses in getting one.

Travel insurance provides coverage only during disastrous situations:- While travel insurance does offer coverage for medical emergencies, natural disasters, repatriation expenses, etc. it also provides coverage in other situations. For example, if you miss a flight owing to the airline’s delay, it is the travel insurance company that will pay for the expenses you would otherwise bear on your own such as for accommodation and refund of your tickets. Therefore, travel insurance offers extensive protection to you wherever you go.

Therefore, travel insurance is a necessary requirement for anyone travelling overseas, irrespective of whether they are on a business trip or a leisure trip. There are a wide range of travel insurance plans that you can purchase from, depending upon your requirements

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