London Olympics 800m Final— One of the greatest race, ever

Olympics are here, it’s time when sportsmen showcase what they are capable of. All the training, the sustained determination to be the best in the business comes out in front of the world over a span of few minutes of the competition.

It was year 2012, London, Olympics. Stage was set for the best to come out and take what is his or her’s, the gold medal. There were many phenomenal performance, some extensively covered and talked about whereas others which had more bravery, strength and courage than it takes to become the ever lasting shining star.

It was 800m men’s final. David Rudisha, then world record holder was in lane 4, he was the favorite expected to win but there were others in side by lanes, the dark horses. All lined up, few moments away from the start pistol to blow.

800m lies somewhere in the middle of distance running and power running.

It was race where stakes were as high as it can go for the event. For current champion’s glory was at stake, for challengers their dreams were at stake. Whoever has done his karma well and can give it all have better chances to win the race. To say all men were equal or equally good before going into that race would be highly inaccurate. Years of training and dedication have created classes between these elite men. In less than two minutes these different classes will claim these athletes.

The gun fired. Each one of the athletes started off as per their pre determined plan. with 200m into the race, athletes left their respective lanes and started moving towards the innermost lane while going at a controlled full throttle mode. Rudisha, comfortably took his place as pack leader in the innermost lane, closely followed by Nijel Amos, a teenage Botswanaian. Typically in 800m race, athletes push themselves in the last lap, that too in the last 200m. But Rudisha had different plans for this day. He took off right away as the pack converges into the innermost lane. He had a comfortable lead by the time first lap got over.

The race is going on at a mind blowing pace, a commentator predicts that something extra ordinary is going to happen at the end of lap after watching the first lap. Rudhisa kept pushing himself and the pack behind him forward. With 200m left everyone changed gear and stated sprinting. Amos came out fast, but will he beat the man several yards ahead of him in last 150 m or so, Rudisha cam out of curve with 100m more to go, Amos now closely following and others on the tail of Amos. Rudisha kept pushing but it was Amos who is going faster in this last 100m, and the speed at which both of them were going controlled the time spectators have to believe what is happening in front of their eyes.

Rudisha came thorough, but the lead had been curtailed to marginal by Nijel Amos, the teenager who put life into this otherwise would have been Rudisha dominated boring race. But then did Rudisha dominated? Boy, he did and did like nobody has ever dominated before. He set a new world record breaking his own.

There was a world record, many personal bests and several National bests. Digest this, the athlete who came last would have won Gold if he would have competed two editions prior to this one with his current timing.

Now, in Rio, the line-up would more or less be the same. Rudisha, now somewhat old but bolder and courageous than ever before would be there along with his prime primitive - Amos now a 22 year old in his prime.

Let’s hold back and wait till 16th of August for what is going to transpire in Rio.