The Mind, to think about it or not?

It is hard to understand how our minds work. Thinking about how brain works is a paradox, think of it as a code debugging and modifying itself. I generally think that there must be something wrong going on somewhere in my brain, it happens with a lot of people, but luckily ‘we are not always true.’ Should we look inwards (thinking about where you are going wrong & where right and then decide and act) or outwards(perceive things in such and such way; do this and may be not this. here things are happening in brain but on auto mode). the question is weather to disrupt this auto-mode of mind or not?

Is thinking one of the most tedious/laborious tasks? yes and no. If you are enjoying what you are doing then it is not, otherwise it will be.

A while ago I was reading an article, here author makes an insightful point that you don’t need validation from people around you on yourself or what you thinks. If it makes sense to you do it, say it (and that’s how you take yourself seriously). This concludes that if you think about hyper-thinking (thinking what others will think of you, what will the fall-outs), it will stop you from reaching to possibilities your brain is suggesting you to go to. We should think about the possible fall-outs and repercussions but we should not be afraid of them. I’m afraid, most of the times about what others will think about me; this is my mind working on itself, creating a protection cover for my ego. Practice not caring what others will think, if it makes sense go for it.

Thinking is an art, you can only see/analyse the outcome and then reverse engineer your way into how it came into it’s current shape or form. Point is, you can’t really understand what goes inside an art piece, same way it’s hard to think about thinking. Why? you generally gets biased data points on your performance.

Then how should one think? Leave it to your brain. Do take some time out to analyse how the most beautiful machine is working, but rely upon it and it will be your most important weapon to hunt down the prey, which every single one of us be it man or animal is looking for, survival.