Car pooling is not yet acceptable

Is it a taboo? Till now it is widely NOT acceptable. It is certain that it will start happening in future but right now, even if there are most powerful machines in our hand we are not adopted this aspect of ‘Shared Economy’.

Why? what is stopping people?

There are 5–10 carpooling apps available, which could work in your country but, it is still far from reality, from mass acceptance.

They say early adopters will use it and once this trend reach 18% of population, it will tip and everyone will start using it. But we are nowhere there.

We can’t blame it on people. They know it is right thing to do, and they are willing to do, given someone put the right tool in their hand.

In my opinion, we are not doing much to help them out, we are not innovating. Pick up all the apps, all are fundamentally similar to each other. Some has better precision, some has better persuasive power, some has better experience and design.

But what it takes to be widely acceptable? A paradigm shift?

It is inevitable. That I can assure. But why we cannot find what it takes?

May be in future, someone will be able to figure this out and provide us the right solution.