Magic spell for a city

I live in Bengaluru. People here are nice, culture is great, weather is awesome throughout the year and the city in known across the globe for it’s contribution in the IT industry.

City is growing exponentially and so is the traffic. This city was not built keeping this kind of growth in mind. Now everyday people of the city struggle to reach from one point to another. Be it the office to home or anywhere else.

It is now in so much embedded in the mindset of people, that every move makes you think about traffic. We, the people of Bengaluru wouldn’t talk about weather to start a conversation, we talk about traffic.

But I noticed, apart from public transport, which is great in the city. There are many cars and bikes on the roads which causes traffic jams, where we spend at least extra 50% of our commute time. That is too much, if you think everyone is wasting precious time and effort of life dealing with unnecessary, daunting, boring and tiring issue like traffic.

Well, as a migrant in the city, I felt guilty little bit for the situation and try to solve it in my mind, as I am a creative person (what else would I do when I am stuck in traffic constantly think about how to solve it).

I see many cars and bikes running or stuck. I see those are carrying single person. Which makes me think, why not people take each other on their route, of course there are 10 apps running which can be used for this, why still they can’t find anyone to share their car with? How would I solve it if it is not solved yet.

Can this be done? I have read that we should think about innovation or solution as a magic, then we trace it back to feasible or realistic realization with given resources and technology. So till now I have done first step perfectly fine, which is thinking of a magical spell which put all the commuters in all the seats in a route and result would be very less traffic.

Imagine, a Monday would be like a Sunday, on Bengaluru roads.

Second step would be trace it back to feasibility. Am I the first one to think about that? no, many people are trying. So what they are doing is the same thing and it is not working.

So it’s time to stop improvising the candle and invent a light bulb.

A solution is a complex thing, it is series of actions and items which come together, just like filament of light bulb, electricity, glass, etc.

Can I think of something which will work? I am still stuck in traffic and still thinking.