Pace of Innovation and Office Needs

By Chris Rising

Over a relatively short period of time, artificial intelligence and complementary technologies once thought of as only possible on “The Jetsons,” have become commonplace in our modern office environment. These major leaps in technological advancement have made our workplaces more efficient, connected, and even environmentally friendly in some cases. However, such advanced systems require clear and fast channels of data transmission to work at optimal levels.

We believe that 5G technology will dramatically change the world we live in. 5G is an abbreviation for fifth generation of cellular wireless technology and wireless communications companies around the world are spending vast sums to upgrade from their current 4G technology.

With 5G we will see modern office spaces fundamentally shift in the very near future with:

  • greater speed (data can move faster),
  • lower latency (more responsiveness),
  • increased connectivity (to sensors and other smart devices)

For example, one change we will see is to the very tool with which I write this — keyboards. We believe that these external accessories will no longer be the primary interaction with a computer, it will be replaced by voice dictation, and virtual and augmented reality devices.

5G technology will also impact device operating systems, forcing more open but but secure communication between people and companies to go far beyond coordinating calendars, making reservations, and scheduling meetings. Whether it is a 5G antenna allowing driverless cars to communicate or AI similar to the Scarlett Johansson character in the movie “Her”, our tools will evolve to be simpler and more functional.

As technology rapidly advances and improves, commercial office buildings will have to rethink office design to adjust to future tech. As office landlords, we will be pressured to meet the technological demands of a modern office and society. The expectations for interaction and design will change dramatically and are approaching sooner than we think.

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Rising Realty Partners is a full service real estate platform, specializing in world-class commercial and industrial properties.

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