Team: Rising Edge

Me: Max Catozzi

The Rising Edge Project

Week 1:

( Logo Design )

The first week of the project was focused on team creation and logo design. Our team went through many phases of what we thought at the time was “definitely” going to be our logo. We all came up with different ideas and this was mine:

My idea made it into the final rounds of decision, but eventually Zaid’s logo was chosen, as shown here:

Eventually, I updated this logo in photoshop because we wanted to use a grey background for our website and this logo gets washed out with all the dark colors. But it was essentially the same design.

Week 2:

( Need Finding )

Our team received responses for almost 50 survey’s regarding music websites, their key components, and their main pitfalls. After analyzing it all, we determined that our website caters to 3 main categories: Artists, listeners, and venues.

This is the format that Tong suggested to use for submitting surveys to a diverse crowd. I created all the questions and then sent it to a bunch of musicians. The other group members sent the survey to mostly non-musicians, which gave us a good mix.

After determining these three categories, we decided exactly how we wanted to approach the current marketplace. Our plan of attack was to create something that does the current job well, but implements additional incentive for users to begin using our site and to continue doing so. Here is a chart that represents what we determined:

Week 3:

( Personas and Storyboard )

Each of us in the group were assigned a different persona to develop. I was assigned the “band” persona. Here was my persona:

Additionally, we created storyboards that outlined different use cases for our personas. I was assigned to create the storyboards that consisted of bands looking for other players. Here is an example of one of my storyboards:

Week 4:

( Prototyping )

This picture will give you an idea of where we started ( conceptually ) with our website. It is a mock up of the home page, one of our first.

We’ve come very far since this design, but essentially the functionality remains the same. We decided you should be able to freely navigate to any part of the site from any other part, and that the home page should be simple enough to be elegant but detailed enough to be practical.

There were also prototypes that we made that did not hold through to the final draft. One of these is the MyMusic page that I created:

At it’s current state, it is over-complicated and provides way to much information for a user’s main music page. In the next stage of development, we take care of these faults.

Week 5:

( Conclusion )

Putting together the lo-fi version of our website really cleared the path for our project to excel forward. We decided that subdividing the topics so far had worked out, so we continued in that same direction. I was assigned to work on the MyMusic page, and this was my initial design:

The group decided that we were going to go with a simpler overall theme, So really the only thing that remained from this in the final version was the 3 column structure. Here is the final version:

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