An additional dimension appears, so that people with high skills can still be affordable, because they don’t have to be hired as full-time workers sitting in a call center. They can be paid only for the time that they are handling customer support requests, and they have gained their expertise at no expense to the company using their services on a part-time, on-demand basis. They’ve gained that skill as a power user, on their own time, for their own reasons.
The Game-changing Economics of Fractional Availability
Stowe Boyd

This really is the genius of Directly.

Antony, Lisa, and the other wonderful folks I’ve gotten to interact with over a Directly have found a simple way to help me recover value in the moments that I would otherwise waste skimming social media posts from people I barely know. Being a “Lyft Expert” with Directly helps fill in the downtime between giving rides with an income opportunity. I’ve even answered questions from other passengers while out at the bar, or traveling, or… yes, even on the toilet.

Directly did a highlight on some of the Experts that help support a spectrum of companies when I first joined the program, and I got to sneak in a customer happiness tip! Check it out on their blog:

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