$RISITA Bridge to Arbitrum: El Risitas Laughs at High Gas Fees! 🌈🤣

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4 min readMay 13, 2023

Listen up, space cadets! We’ve been cooking up some saucy innovation in the $RISITA kitchen! Yes, the meme-powered, laughter-inducing rollercoaster that is $RISITA has expanded its playground!

Slash Your Gas Fees — Snag $RISITA on Arbitrum! 💰

Now you can grab your $RISITA tokens not only on Ethereum but also on Arbitrum, all within the comfort of your familiar Camelot interface. Just switch between the networks and apps (Uniswap for $RISITA ETH or Camelot for $RISITA ARBI) at your convenience, and let the $RISITA party begin thanks to our game-changing bridge on Multichain! 🚀

Are you fed up with those pesky Ethereum gas fees robbing you blind? Has your wallet been crying out for mercy? Well, no more, our dev’s got your back! 💸

Arbitrum is here to save the day (and your hard-earned cash)! With the speed of a meme on a mission, and gas fees so low they’re practically subterranean, Arbitrum is our knight in shining armor.

$RISITA will always fight for your interests

‘But how does it work?’ we hear you cry.

Fear not, dear $RISITA holders, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Just follow these 3 simple steps:

STEP 1: Connecting your wallet to Arbitrum network

First things first, you need to make sure you have both Ethereum AND Arbitrum networks set up on your Metamask wallet.

Lazy Aper? 😅 Phew okay… here’s how to proceed:

Once connected to your Metamask wallet, head over to the disc at the top-right corner and click on the “Settings” button. Click on the “Networks” then “Add a network” tabs to add the new network and its details:

STEP 2: Bridge some ETH from Ethereum network to Arbitrum

Now, if you didn’t yet, bridge any amount of ETH from Ethereum network to Arbitrum, using Arbitrum bridge or Multichain.

How to buy $RISITA on Arbitrum network?

$RISITA is listed on Camelot DEX. Head over Camelot to get your precious $RISITA without paying crazy fee!

1) Visit Camelot DEX: https://app.camelot.exchange/

2) Add $RISITA Contract address (Arbitrum):

Optional step: Bridge $RISITA from Ethereum to Arbitrum and vice-versa

And if you want your $RISITA tokens to make the jump to Arbitrum (or back to Ethereum like in the screenshot below), just pop over to Multichain and use the bridge!

⚠️ Remember, you’ll need some ETH in your wallet to cover the gas fees for the transfer. And some time as well, as it takes about between 30 min and an hour to get your bridged tokens onto your wallet. Meanwhile you can go take a bath you dirty aper!

Anyway fear not about bridging fees, the sting of those fees will be considerably less once you’re frolicking in the low-gas paradise of Arbitrum. So, whether you’re a seasoned crypto-pro or a curious newbie, this is your chance to join the $RISITA revolution without breaking the bank!

So buckle up, strap in, and get ready for a wild ride to the moon, with El Risitas laughing all the way! 🚀🌕

Disclaimer: Please perform your due diligence before moving to a different network. The $RISITA team is not responsible for any mishaps or loss of funds!

Hold onto your memes, folks, because the $RISITA ride is about to take off. And with the power of Arbitrum behind us, there’s no limit to where we’ll go! 🌌

Let’s rock this crypto world together, because in the end, we’re all here for the laughs, right?

As always, stay memetastic, stay $RISITA! And do not forget to show some love and support by CLAPPING this article as many times as you wish!



$RISITA - King of Memes 🤴

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