#InsurTech goes to Parliament

In early January, I received an e-mail from Jonathan Swift (@insuranceswifty), or ‘Swifty’, Editor-in- Chief of Post Magazine and organiser-in-chief Digital Insurance Collective which since launch in November 2015, has been bridge building between industry incumbents and start-ups. The collective launched with the hashtag #wakeupinsurance which neatly describes intents and purposes; these days a mission statement can be encapsulated in a Twitter hashtag!

Occasional e-mails I receive from Swifty might usually start with: ‘We are organising an event…’. On this occasion however, Jonathan revealed he was writing in his capacity as ‘Secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Insurance and Financial Services’ (APPGIFS). As titles go, quite lofty I thought. Jonathan had been contacted by Craig Tracey MP’s offices regarding our project RiskForge and would we come to the next meeting in Westminster to discuss it with Ministers. I will confess, not my usual crowd when it comes to public speaking, in fact I have never been inside the Palaces of Westminster!

When I informed Robin (Merttens) of our appointment, he was really rather chuffed! On the 7th of February 2017, Robin and I were taking #InsurTech to Westminster!

(NB: It may will surprise some of you 1,782 InsTech London members to see Mr. Merttens wearing a tie for the occasion!)

In the 72 hours (or so) beforehand, postings of our agenda were being circulated on a variety of channels (thanks Paolo, Matthew and David) With 24 hours to go, Robin and I had a pre-match rehearsal in which we noted over 80 ‘InsTechers’ had plans to join us. Amazement turned to concern, just how many observers can a committee room accommodate? Quick note to Swifty, ’40 maximum’ came the reply. Quick note to InsTechers, appreciate all the support, keen to avoid scrum and disappointment. Thanks to all of you who held back and those that managed to join us. It was declared a full-house by Chairman, Lord Hunt.

As promised, what follows is a transcript of our address to the APPG. We anticipated a 15 minute slot but delighted to report we were afforded a full hour with nothing other than #InsurTech an RiskForge arising.

The official minutes of the meeting have not been made available to us at the time of writing but we have had numerous requests to publish details and rather than wait, we decided to do this in two parts:

I) Original Transcript

II) Initiatives we’ve proposed

Discussion points

Comments from officials and observers,

Action items

Official minutes (if available)

Upon release of part II, (within days) we will invite everyone to contribute or perhaps add to our list of proposals before we formally revert to officials as requested.

Viva #InsurTech

Download Transcript Here