Psychology Terms 101 Series, INTRO to INTRO

In this series, I will be going through one by one some of the most significant psychology terms everyone should know. If you do not know any of these terms on this list, then you are in danger of being taken advantage of. I will be going through every single one on the list, hopefully one per day. In this journey I hope we can all learn together.

You’ve heard the old sayings that knowledge is power. Knowledge of psychology is the purest form of that power. No matter what you’re doing or how well you’re doing it, you can benefit from a deeper understanding of how the mind interprets its world using only the clues that somehow find a way into your brain through the holes in your skull.

(Shout out to Scott Adams for this excellent list)

Social Biases

Actor-observer bias
Defensive attribution hypothesis
Dunning-Kruger effect
Egocentric bias
Extrinsic incentives bias
Forer effect (aka Barnum effect)
False-consensus effect
Halo effect
Illusion of asymmetric insight
Illusion of external agency
Illusion of transparency
Illusion superiority
Ingroup bias
Just-world phenomenon
Moral luck
Naive cynicism
Outgroup homogeneity bias
Projection bias
Self-serving bias
System justification
Trait ascription bias
Ultimate attribution error
Worse-than-average effect

Common Errors and Biases

Bizarreness effect
Choice-supportive bias
Change bias
Childhood amnesia
Conservatism or Regressive bias
Consistency bias
Context effect
Cross-race effect
Egocentric bias
Fading affect bias
False memory
Generation effect ( Self-generation effect)
Google effect
Humor effect
Hindsight Bias
Illusion-of-truth effect
Illusory correlation
Lag effect
Leveling and sharpening
Levels-of-processing effect
List-length effect
Misinformation Effect
Modality effect
Mood congruent memory bias
Next-in-line effect
Osborn effect
Part-list cueing effect
Peak-end rule
Picture superiority effect
Placement bias
Positivity Effect
Primacy Effect
Recency Effect
Serial position effects
Processing difficulty effect
Reminiscence bump
Rosy retrospection
Self-relevance effect
Self-serving bias
Source confusion
Spacing effect
Stereotypical Bias
Suffix effect
Subadditivity Effect
Telescoping effect
Testing effect
Tip of the Tongue Phenomenon
Verbatim effect
Von Restorff effect
Zeigarnik effect

Cognitive Biases

Ambiguity effect
Availability heuristic
Availability cascade
Backfire effect
Bandwagon Effect
Barnum effect
Base rate neglect or Base rate fallacy
Belief bias
Bias blind spot
Choice-Supportive bias
Clustering Illusion
Confirmation Bias
Congruence bias
Conjunction Fallacy
Conservatism or Regressive Bias
Conservatism (Bayesian)
Contrast Effect
Curse of knowledge
Decoy Effect
Denomination effect
Distinction bias
Duration Neglect
Empathy Gap
Endowment effect
Exaggerated expectation
Experimenter’s or Expectation bias
False-Consensus effect
Functional fixedness
Focusing Effect
Forer effect
Framing effect
Frequency Illusion
Gambler’s fallacy
Hard-easy effect
Hindsight Bias
Hostile media effect
Hyperbolic discounting
Illusion of control
Illusion of validity
Illusory correlation
Impact Bias
Information bias
Insensitivity to sample size
Irrational escalation
Just-world hypothesis
Less-is-better effect
Loss aversion
Ludic fallacy
Mere exposure effect
Money illusion
Moral credential effect
Negativity Bias
Neglect of probability
Normalcy bias
Observer-expectancy effect
Omission bias
Optimism bias
Ostrich effect
Outcome Bias
Overconfidence effect
Pessimism bias
Planning fallacy
Post-purchase Rationalization
Pro-innovation bias
Pseudocertainty effect
Reactive Devaluation
Recency bias
Recency illusion
Restraint bias
Rhyme as reason effect
Selective perception
Semmelweis reflex
Selection bias
Social comparison bias
Social desirability bias
Status quo bias
Subadditivity effect
Subjective validation
Survivorship bias
Time-saving bias
Texas sharpshooter fallacy
Unit bias
Well-traveled road effect
Zero-risk bias
Zero-sum heuristic

Wow, quite the scroll right! If you made it this far, congratulations, you either are interested or are someone that just wanted to see if there was anything at the bottom of the page. Spoiler: I look forward to learning and writing about each one of these, and if you are too, be sure to follow me because trust me, the best is yet to come :)