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He was excited by himself.

Grasped his ticket.

Hoping it would take him to the place he dreamed of.

He hated to wait, but he must.

Didn’t matter, he thought.

Would be a nice adventure anyway.

After awhile… plane was came.

He stepped in with confidence, put his luggage with no help.

Easy for him.

Time to take off.

Smile on his glowing face.

Nervous, yet excited.

After some times, everything was getting annoying.

Deaf by the air pressure.

Uncomfotable with the strangers around his seat.

Shocked by turbulence.

Everything seemed wrong.


Not sure about the pilot, the plane, the ticket.

Unsure the journey he took, but couldn’t stop anyway.

He was on the track, time didn’t go back.

He was frightened, and almost crying.

Face it, face it. He forced himself.

After hours, minutes, or seconds, he didn’t really sure about the time he passed,

everything was getting calm.

The turbulence stopped

Strangers smiled at him, looked relieved.

His ears still hurt, but they’d worked well.

He looked at the window.

The plane got lower and lower.

He even could see the place he aimed to.

He felt tired, yet pleased.

He was still startled, yet so glad at the same time.

Almost arrived, he told himself.

Couldn’t take his eyes off outside the window,

while still wondering, what kind of adventure he was just got?

Until one of sunny days came,

he told me about the story.

And still asking about the same mystery.

I answered,

“It’s LIFE.”

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