Don’t be afraid (?)

Theon Greyjoy: Are you afraid? //Robb Stark: Yes. // Theon Greyjoy: Good. // Rob Stark: Why is it good? // Theon Greyjoy: It means you’re not stupid.

Game of Thrones, season 1.

Well, like everyone does, I also watch this many-people’s-favourite serial. The lines I write above are some of many lines of its which are simple yet good.

Personally, I love watching movies or serials which is not only giving good lines, but also perfect meaning. Those lines I write above become my favourite in 7th episode of GoT (season 1). Why? ’Cause they’re really related to our daily minds about life.

Sometimes, some people teach us for not being afraid about life, never afraid about how you’ll face your future, don’t hesitate just take a risks (they said), and so many uncertain things forward. Well, it’s kind of good advice, but I think, being afraid isn’t that bad anyway.

Being afraid, sometimes, teaches you to understand that there’s something that’s under your control, lets you know that you never be right all the time, sometimes you might make mistakes.

Being afraid can give you a power to change your minds, words, or your attitudes as a human being in a better way. Being afraid makes you learn to give your best for your life. Being afraid forces you to move out from the feeling itself.

Can you imagine how you’ll through your life if you never be afraid, if you’re too brave to face anything, if you’re overconfindent about yourself? I think, you’re gonna be selfish enough to be nobody-wants-person instead of awesome.

Anyway, I must say that I agree with Theon Greyjoy, being afraid indicates that you’re not stupid, means that you know that you have to always find your way to make your life worthwhile.