HOLY SH$T! Credit Card Users Around the World Can Now EARN (TAP) Coin Rewards With ANY Credit Card Purchases! Crypto Mass Adoption is Underway!

If you’ve heard of Bitcoin and/or Cryptocurrencies, but don’t understand them; you’re not alone. With Hooch App, retailers and customers don’t need to understand blockchain. They just need to understand brand loyalty and incentivizing.

“In simple terms, the service is a gateway experience that can ease a user into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency, which can often be confusing and complicated to the average person.

“A lot of cryptos are trying to replace the dollar. We’re not trying to do that,” says Spector. “Even if it does happen, it won’t be overnight. We want you to spend on your credit card. This is a rewards-based blockchain program and we want to associate with the way you currently live your life. It just happens to be blockchain based.”

If you want to take advantage of the rewards program, a credit card is required, which may not appeal to hardcore blockchain supporters who envision a new decentralized global economy that doesn’t use currency dependent on government regulation. But Hooch is a model that not only works in today’s economy, but can be adapted for any changes the future might bring.” — filthylucre

Originally, Hooch began as the first ever membership only IOS & Android cocktail app. “Since its inception in 2015, Hooch has been steadily growing audience to 100K subscribers, many of whom are paying $9.99 per month. The mobile app gives visitors to more than 500 venues the privilege of “first drink free” as they expand their roster of bar stops and social experiences.

Kernes dreamed up the idea for Hooch during his tenure as a doorman for Hotel Chantelle of New York. He watched the response of clients being rewarded with a gift they universally welcomed — free drinks.” — forbes

Since then, “Hooch is delivering on what Dai promised, with a relaunched app that rewards users for their purchases.

“We were super excited about the feedback and response [to Hooch Black] that we saw from our members,” Dai said. “What we decided to do is just completely update the app with rewards for consumers across four different categories — travel, dining, entertainment and e-commerce.”

He noted that while most loyalty programs reward you for using a specific card or for shopping with a specific company, Hooch has partnered with more than 250,000 merchants (including Marriott hotels, TAO restaurants, Starbucks, Uber and Amazon). The company can actually scan the purchases made on any linked debit or credit card, and you’ll be rewarded whenever you spend money with those partners.

The rewards take the form of what Hooch is calling TAP rewards dollars — the exact reward will vary depending on the merchant, but the company says it could be as high as 10 percent of your spending.- techcruch

Lets break this down. Gotta make it easy enough for mom to understand. If she gets it, anyone gets it (sorry mom).

Anytime I use my Bank of America Alaska Airlines Signature Visa, (or any other) credit card; I will earn Crypto. (TAP Coin) specifically. I can then use the Tap Coin (TAP) to buy products and/or services at select locations OR buy gift cards for any top national brands.

I don’t have to change a thing (aside from linking a credit card to Hooch App)! I just buy shit like I normally do and earn Crytpo. I can then use that Crypto to buy more shit (probably gift cards). How fookin’ easy is that!?

“I can explain this to my mom and she gets it,” says Spector. — filthylucre

“Let’s be honest — our personal data is being abused by brands way too often. What if every piece of data that we share will have some financial value that we can benefit from? That would be something special.

TAP Coin plans to give people control over their data, and if they are willing to sell their purchasing data history to brands, customers are then rewarded for that. Moreover, Blockchain technology allows for the use of smart-contracts, which offers complete privacy for customers and specific data for advertisers. Therefore, brands will pay less for ads, people will be shown more relevant advertising and be rewarded for such a situation. This will be a fundamental shift to the whole advertising industry, putting consumers at the forefront.” — bitcoinwarrior

So what can we do with the earned TAP Coins? Soon we’ll be able to buy from over 300,000 major brands such as (Amazon, Uber, Apple, Starbucks). — predicoin

Currently, “Over 100,000+ top hotels, restaurants and bars are already in the TAP network as partners for rewards earning and redemption, targeting 500,000 partners in the first 12–18 months after full network launch.” (mainnet launch Q2 2019) — tapcoin

Then, “On February 26, Brave Software, the parent company of Brave, a privacy-focused browser that aims to allow users to be in total control of ads announced its partnership with TAP Network. TAP is a decentralized blockchain advertisement and data platform that is looking to grant its customers full control over their data and protect their privacy.

The two companies partnering will allow the Basic Attention Token (BAT) to be redeemed for real-world rewards from close to 300,000 brands, including popular brands such as Amazon, Uber, Apple, Starbucks and more.” — pedicoin

“Both the user and the advertiser lose in today’s digital advertising landscape, and with regulations like GDPR looming all over the world, this broken ecosystem simply cannot continue as we know it,” said Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave Software. “We’re excited to welcome TAP Network as a partner for our ad platform that’s built completely on privacy, and together, reward users for their attention while opening doors for brands that are looking to connect ethically with new audiences.

This partnership, part of Brave Ads, will be integrated in Brave’s desktop browser (macOS, Windows, Linux), as well as in the Android app (iOS will be available later) in the coming months. Brave is also working with several other ad networks and brands to integrate additional inventory in the Brave Ads catalog, including BuySellAds, AirSwap, Fluidity, ConsenSys, and Uphold.”

Where you at Buffet? In 2018 he said Bitcoin is “rat poison squared” and also, “I can say ALMOST with certainty, that Cryptocurrencies will come to a bad ending.

In 2019 he’s yet to come around, claiming “Bitcoin is a delusion” and it “has no unique value at all”. (2 min into the video) — cnbc

But, why should we give a shit about Warren Buffet’s views on Crypto when he’s said himself, “The questions will be about Bitcoin and I won’t have the answers.” — youtube

The truth is, we SHOULDN’T give a shit about his opinion on the matter. It’s quite obvious that Crypto (Hooch, Brave Browser & Wallet, Uphold App, TAP, BAT, ENJ,) is becoming mainstream (TAP Coin targets 15 million TAP eco-system users in 2021. *see roadmap below). ‘Ole Warren’s missin’ the boat. Moonshot rather.

Guess he’ll stick with his Heinz Ketchup and Coca-Cola (facepalm). Though, I do think he’ll come around to Crytpo eventually. Whether he understands it or not, he’ll have to.

Web 3.0 will eventually be the Charlotte’s web of global inter-connectivity. At some point every major company, brand, customer, and government will be involved.

“Mr. Buffett, who continuously rejected cryptocurrency and fintech, seems to have decided to invest as much as $600 million into two large fintech firms.” — newsbtc

“Have you ever thought how obsolete the current advertising industry is? It might not seem particularly obvious, but it’s actually quite outdated. To understand preferences and predict the behavior of a target audience, brands buy credit card data and other mass-produced, unrefined data sets by force of habit.” — ethereumworldnews

With the exception of Google and Facebook, banks have more information about the public than probably any other business.

“Every time you buy something with a debit or credit card, your bank learns a little bit more about you. It already knows your personal details — age, address, phone number, employment status, marital status, income, etc.

And increasingly, thanks to the decline of cash and rise of card payments, it also knows all about your spending habits. It knows whether you shop in Coles, Woolworths or Aldi, how often you eat out, how much you spend on petrol, whether you drive or get public transport to work, how often you go on holiday, and so on.

What the bank does with that information, as long as it remains within the limits of legality, is up to the bank.” — thenewdaily

This is where decentralized advertising comes in.

“Decentralized advertising, in its turn, is a new way to find target audience and sell your product. Brands, literally, do their business on a direct basis without intermediaries.

The first step in decentralized advertising is to exclude middlemen, namely credit card companies that unscrupulously sell user data without paying for it. The only technologies that could step into such a breach is the blockchain and distributed ledger, so these need to be in place. The second step is to introduce smart contracts to allow interaction between users and brands both seamless and trustless. The last action is to launch a utility coin that allows the system to function. In case of Hooch, this is the TAP Coin. — ewn

“CEO of TAP Coin, Lin Dai, stated that advertising had not caught up with technological capacity. “We saw a huge opportunity with TAP Coin. All of our HOOCH and HOOCH Black users had given us very specific data. Where they socialized, when they bought things, what they bought, what enticed them to buy. This was great data. But with everything happening in the world, we knew customers wouldn’t want to give it away without getting something back. So instead we thought — why don’t we offer customers the option to sell their data to entertainment companies, and in return, get major discounts on luxury experiences? It seemed like a win-win for all”. — ethereumworldnews

Certain venues can join the TAP Network and become a TAP Partner Venue. These venues are essentially paying to access a consumer’s purchase history. A consumer who chooses to share their purchase history with venues will receive TAP Coins as a reward.

“Right now, when companies put an ad on Facebook, there’s a one-in-one-thousand click-through rate, which is extremely low,” explains Spector. “If you have a brick-and-mortar store and a thousand people walk in it — and 999 walk out — you’d be out of business. However, with blockchain, in our small case studies, we’ve found you can target so succinctly, there’s a 60 percent conversion rate. You’re targeting people based on their preferences and actual purchase history.” — filthylucre

“A new feature, Tap by Hooch, is a universal rewards program. Anytime you spend on your credit card, you’ll earn back cryptocurrency tokens that can be used at more than 100,000 businesses and experiences worldwide, ranging from Coachella to a showing of Hamilton on Broadway.

A blockchain infrastructure allows users to retain privacy while both controlling and monetizing their purchase data. In return, brands can directly engage with the consumer in micro-campaigns. Users get paid in Tap Coin, which can then be redeemed later.

“The companies, with of course your permission, accrue data, such as your credit card purchase history, so they can understand what you like why — and use their products and experiences to market to you directly,” says Hooch Vice President of Business Development Kevin Spector.

Or in simple terms: consumers will receive information and promotions for products and services that might actually have value and legitimately capture their interest. “We cut out the publisher and middleman and have a one-to-one advertising market,” Spector explains. — filthylucre

“In the future, nearly all of human knowledge and economic activity will be done through decentralized systems.” — medium

“30 years into mass adoption of the internet, our data architectures are mostly still client-server based. Which means that our data is centrally stored on one computer, and retrieved via the Internet by another computer over the Internet. Even though we live in an ever more connected world, where every device whether toaster or fridge are also connected to the internet, data is still centrally stored: on our devices, on the USB stick or even in the cloud. Which raises issues of trust: Can I trust those people and institutions that store my data against any form of corruption: internal or external, man-made or machine failure, on purpose or by accident? Such centralized data structures have a unique point of failure points of failure. It’s as if we never invented the Internet.

We can now start to move from centralized data structures where all data is stored on a central computer to more decentralized or fully distributed data architectures.” — blockchainhub

*Spotlight — Brave’s decentralized web browser and decentralized advertising network, TAP! No middleman. Earn TAP or BAT for doing what you normally do. Earn when you buy things, create web content, or opt-in to watch ads.

Blockchain and/or Crypto is “efficient and secure because it does not rely on some central authority that can be corrupted or mismanaged. Rather, the decentralized nature of most digital coins allows for transfers to occur in a completely trustless environment. Verification is performed by consensus rather than by individual companies, and transactions cannot be interfered with or modified once made. All in all, decentralized virtual currencies are returning economic power to the people. This democratization of the financial services markets is a phenomenon that is returning the power to the people.” — medium

Sorry Mr. Buffett, you’ll be caught in Charlotte’s web eventually.

It’s time to embrace Web 3.0, Dweb, blockchain, Crypto, and decentralization. Did I leave any out?

If you want to get paid in Crypto to shop with your CC like you normally do, download Hooch and earn (TAP).

If you want to get paid in Crypto for viewing online ads, download Brave Browser (opt-in) and earn (BAT).

If you’re a blogger, youtuber, twitcher?, or content creator and want to get paid in Crypto (BAT), again… download the fastest ever and ad free (unless you opt-in for ads to get paid) Brave Browser!!!!!

You’ll also need to download the Uphold App with Brave Browser (to link bank account), in order to add or withdraw funds (fiat) from the Brave Wallet.

Uphold is a digital money platform where users can buy, convert and store a wide range of assets. Not only do they support 9 popular cryptocurrencies, they also list 23 fiat currencies and 4 precious metals.

They serve 184+ countries — providing access to a global market and the ability to make fast and low-cost transfers both domestically and internationally.

“Sending money with Uphold is much faster than other types of transactions, especially in comparison to international wire transfers, which can take up to a week or more. How fast? When you transfer between two cryptocurrencies on your Uphold wallet, it’s instant.” — uphold

Download Uphold and complete the membership verification. In just minutes, you’ll to be ready to send money (Crypto) to fellow Uphold members around the world instantly, securely and for free.

Recently, they announced the ability to send or receive (XRP) from an external wallet (not just other uphold members wallets).

This is excellent news! It provides basis for giving the other Alts on it’s platform the same functionality.

The writing’s on the wall (my blog). Better make Crypto a part of your life (or, be THAT guy in the checkout line with his checkbook that everybody wants to falcon punch).

This is the greatest technological innovation since the Jog Strap.

Game over Bashers! You’re fooked again!

Go Decentralized Web 3.0!




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