Oct 11, 2018 · 2 min read

I’ve decided to create risksavage.com just to lay out how we’ve accomplished our investing goals up to this point. I thought it would be nice to share my wife and I’s journey to get to financial independence. I searched for and never found anything similar on the internet. I’d like to read someone’s personal story but perhaps people don’t like sharing all that information. Hopefully, readers will find this site helpful and can share blog content ideas with me. Or, maybe it leads to some trolls just callin’ me an idiot. Either way, i’m entertained.

It seems to me that I’m the only person my age consumed with thoughts of early retirement and how to get there. Nobody I know talks about it or seems to have any ambitions of the sort. Everyone is just content going to work everyday like it’s groundhog day.

These blogs are not financial advice. rather, they include some of the financial steps we’ve taken to get to the point we’re at and what we’re pursuing currently. There are some how to’s included if you’re new to investing.

If you find my blabbering interesting, right on! If you don’t like it, click a button somewhere that leads you to your social media account. I’m kidding. Just kidding, I’m not kidding. If you think i’ve lost my marbles, please email contact@risksavage.com.

As someone very smart once said, “no risk, no reward”. Check back frequently or in a year to see if our net worth is zero or if it continues to grow while we sleep………….

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Do you have plans to retire? Working ’til your 55 or 60? Throwing a little money in savings each month? Not us! https://risksavage.com

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