(TAP) Coin Advances From WiFi Vending Machines to Decentralized Ads. Now, WE Get Paid for Our Data — Not Advertisers.

“Digital advertising is so pervasive because it is the easiest and most effective way that companies can monetize their content. Although users have adjusted to the fact that advertisements are ever-present online, they’ve had more trouble with the recent privacy breaches highlighted by scandals involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.” — clickz

“Facebook and Google together will have about 58% market share this year. Per eMarketer calculations, Google will rake in close to $42 billion in U.S. ad dollars (for 37.1% share) and Facebook will notch $23 billion (20.6%).

And the Google-Facebook duopoly will maintain its hold for the next few years. By 2020, Amazon will have captured 7.0% share of U.S. digital ad spending, compared with Facebook’s 20.8% and Google’s 35.1%, according to eMarketer’s forecast model.

Advertising is “now a multibillion-dollar business for us,” Amazon CFO Brian Olsavsky said on the ecommerce giant’s Q2 earnings call July 26. “We have hundreds of thousands of emerging and established advertisers. And they’re using our services to achieve their marketing goals to — whether that’s to drive new brand awareness, discovery or ultimately purchase decisions on our site.” — variety

What do these companies know about us, and who do they give our information to?

The short answer: They know far more about us than we may suspect, and our data is most definitely in the hands of more advertisers and app developers than we realize.

Ever wonder why you receive ads specific to your prior searches and conversations? Ya, that’s those big companies using your personal data to target you.

They need to get their information out to an audience and they’ll pay Facebook, Google, Amazon, banks (they have the most data), etc. for our data in order to keep their products and/or services in front of our face.

In the worst cases, these ads slow browsing speeds and may even crash your device. Annoying AF!

NOW, “There is a new model for decentralized digital advertising, which was first pioneered by Basic Attention Token (BAT). With his model, the future of blockchain ad platforms operate on the basis that consumers are paid for their information.

That information is stored in a transparent, anonymized, and encrypted fashion. This decentralized method of advertising will take the power away from advertisers and will reduce privacy violations, while increasing revenue for publishers.” — clickz

“The internet is like a high-tech cake made up of layers of wires, software and protocols that transmit information. The web, on the other hand, is sort of like the frosting on top that serves as a user-friendly interface. But, like apps from platforms such as Amazon, Facebook and Google, it runs on servers alongside user data and has limitless access to said data.

Decentralized networks, on the other hand, want to change how apps work. Instead of storing data on application-level servers, they use lower layers of the internet — going deeper into the cake, if you will. This allows users to run new, specially created apps on their own devices — where apps can only access the data they have permission to use.

The big selling point is it gives users control of their data. And this, in turn, would end privacy concerns — and maybe even upset the digital advertising applecart once and for all.” — adweek

A few years ago, “Tap Coin WiFi (WiFi Vending Machine) brings a brand-new vending business into public market. It provides visitors an immediate WiFi Internet hotspot service charged by time or traffic data.

“Everyone has a smartphone, but not everywhere have WiFi. WiFi Vending Machine can fill this huge gap between WiFi needs and WiFi coverage and offer you a new way to gain revenue easily. The machine is plug-&-play and easy to install.”” — wifibrother

“Tap Coin WiFi has been sold around 10,000 units to more than 40 countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East, and Europe. We have also made great achievement in operating WiFi business in China with more than 200,000 subscribers.

Founded in 2007, Shenzhen Guanri Netcom Technologies Co., Ltd. is a privately-own company located in Shenzhen China. It belongs to Guanri Telecom-Tech (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.; a leading manufacturer in the business of payphone, wireless network optimizing products, and relative software systems.” — wifibrother

As TAP Coin’s WiFi Vending machine is highly successful, I also expect the Tap Coin and TAP Network to be successful.

“TAP Network rewards consumers for everyday credit card purchases in the “experience economy” (with TAP Coin) and connects approved brands to millions of consumers 1-on-1, powered by actionable data permissioned and encrypted with blockchain technology.” — tapcoin

“The TAP network is powered by TAP COIN, a blockchain-based stable-coin that facilitates transactions between brands, publishers, and consumers. TAPs can be redeemed across the TAP network, including 250,000+ earning and redemption partners featured via the TAP Rewards API inside various co-branded or white-labeled TAP network Publisher apps and websites.- tapnetwork

“There are millions of different bars, hotels, restaurants, leisure centers scattered over the world, almost all of them owning their own bonus programs that are not connected with each other. Once you make a purchase and get those bonus points — you just can’t spend them anywhere else. Those points are effectively locked up with your first choice and you can do nothing with the thousands of different bonus points that you have.” — bitcoinwarrior

“TAP Coin takes the Hooch experience to the next level. Consumers get rewarded for purchases they already make at hundreds of thousands of partnered venues.

When Hooch detects a qualified purchase, consumers receive 10% of their purchases back in the form of TAP Coin; deposited directly into their in-App Wallet.

Credit card companies already sell our data to data vendors and we never see a penny of that. TAP Coin changes that. Our purchase data will be encrypted with personal information (including name) removed. Only we have the access key to grant access permission to brands via smart-contracts.

Based on our purchase history in the TAP Nework, the brands we allow to see our data can decide to reward us $5 of TAP Coin deposited directly into our Hooch Wallet. (aside from the 10% reward already given).” — Lin Dai

“Soon you will be able to redeem TAP Coin for gift cards from national brands you love such as Amazon, Uber, Nike, Starbucks and AMC.

We are constantly adding more partners during the Beta period, as well as gearing up for “Main Net” launch with hundreds of brand options (Q2 2019).” — medium

Thanks to the TAP Coin and Brave Browser recent partnership announcement at MWC Barcelona 2019, consumers will be able to spend both TAP and BAT (earn BAT through the Brave browser by watching ads or get tipped BAT by other members for creating content) at the same TAP Network locations.

Not a reason to be bearish on Crypto anymore! Be a bull or GTFO. On second thought, be a Brave lion!

Join the TAP Network and take back control of your data. Earn money (TAP Coin or BAT) for information you CHOOSE to provide. Otherwise, you’re giving it away for free anyway! Not cool!

Get started by Downloading the Hooch App! When mainnet is launched you’ll enjoy the freedom and rewards that decentralized platforms provide! Essentially, you’ll feel like this guy.

Not a reason in the world to be bearish on Crypto anymore. Time to be a bull! On second thought, be a Brave lion! Fook Ya! Go Crypto!



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