The Total Crypto Market Has Surged 40% Since Calling the Bear Market Finale! BTC 200 Day MA Shattered — MORE GAINS COMING

Hopefully, I’ve convinced some of my readers to buy Crypto on at least one of my many BUY calls. On December 18th (BTC $3,500) I wrote, “Was $3,200 Bitcoin the Bottom?” I said, “On December 15th, Bitcoin hit a low of $3,200. It’s been four green days in a row since then. That price also lines up with the September 2017 low. If this holds, it could be a trend reversal. Get it done bulls!” (It held)

I also said, “$3,200 Bitcoin also marks a total Global Crypto low of about $100 Billion. $100 Billion is below September 2017’s low ($125 Billion) but lines up with June 2017’s resistance (resistance becomes support they say).”

Then on February 10th (BTC $3,600) I followed up with, “Bear Market Finale! A Few Cryptos Hit 3 Month Highs.

I noted, “Most of Crypto took around a 50% loss over a month beginning on November 14th. Since the mid December bottom, three of the top ten Cryptocurrencies have rallied over 50% (Binance (BNB), Tron (TRX), and Litecoin (LTC). The total global Cryptocurrency market cap is up 16%.

The same move for the rest of the market would put the global cap around $200 Billion. Bitcoin would recover to the $6,000 range.

If these market leaders can hold recent gains, the rest of the market may follow. A global cap over $200 Billion starts the stampede!

I’m waiting for Bitcoin to break $4200 (not anymore). I think a quick trip to $6k would be next. If this plays out, it would mean that alts led the reversal. Bitcoin dominance should decline. Is 2019 year of the alts?

Bull Market is Near! Good luck longs!”

February 17th’s blog (BTC still $3,600), “Total Crypto Market Cap Hits Nine Week High of $125 Billion. All Aboard!

I wrote, “The total global Cryptocurrency market cap hit a low of about $100 Billion mid December 2018. Since then, the market has added $25 Billion. A 25% increase over the past nine weeks.

I believe $3200 BTC in December was the bottom for the market. Everything appears to be in an uptrend since then. Currently watching to see if BTC can break resistance around $4k.

I wasn’t going to add any more to our Crypto portfolio but I think the market is finally changing direction, so this could be the “last” bottom (gotta be right sometime).

(and again saying) Keep an eye on the Global market cap. $100 Billion support is marked on the image. This holds, it’s on to $200 Billion. That holds, bull run!”

*I added to my NPXS bag on this day.

March 17th (BTC $3,900) I blogged, “The 2019 Bitcoin Saucer — ‘Bout to Rip Faces Off Like 2015! Prepare for Liftoff!

I said, “Bitcoin’s been living in the shadows for a while now after the “Bitcoin is Dead” headlines have appeared repeatedly. Some critics say it’s done while plenty of bears or “secret bulls” rather, await capitulation (already did weirdos, you missed it). To help keep your panties out of a wad, man-up and keep reading.

I’d rather buy incorrect bottom calls and build-up my stack (DCA) than panic sell. Do that and you’re pretty much toast. 2017 was a good trading year, 2018 was a good DCA year, and 2019 will be yet ANOTHER “impossible” Bitcoin resurgence that’ll leave critics dumbfounded once again.

With over $100k invested in Crypto at this point, every little movement in price effects my portfolio greatly (bigly). Not much fun in a bear market, but holding out for the exponential returns is worth the wait.

Avoid all that mess! Buy, Hold, and (DCA). The best strategy for us “minnows” in ANY market, Crypto included — 100%. Just gotta have the balls!”

Most recently, just five days ago (BTC $4,100) I wrote, “The Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap is Up Nearly 50% Since December — Ready, Set, Go!

“After a long and bitter winter, the crypto thaw has arrived and bears have lost their grip on the market. One economist says the bears were sent packing into hibernation as many as three months ago from a technical standpoint, though you wouldn’t know it from March’s narrow bitcoin trading range.

Believe it or not, with the bitcoin price hovering near $4,100, the bulls have finally wrestled back control. Investors failed to commemorate the occasion with a party, which could just be a symptom of frostbite from the prolonged winter.

There’s a plethora of good news for the Crypto industry and only slight negativity surrounding regulations; as usual. If you view any of this as a deterrent, have a look at traditional banking giant Wells Fargo. An article titled, “19 Wells Fargo scandals that surfaced during the Tim Sloan era”, should have you second guessing yourself. What a joke! *Not the funny kind

In the article is a chronological overview of their biggest scandals, starting with the fake account scandal in which millions of accounts were created without customers’ permission. All so they could make more money in fees.

Trust the banks? Fook that! I’ll go with Crypto.”

This brings us to the past 24hrs 15% rally. The total global Crypto market cap is sitting at $162 Billion. I’ll say it for the 100th time, if it crosses $200B — Checkmate Bears! (I think that would put BTC around $6,000)

Since we’re beyond the $4,200 threshold now, the next target for BTC is $6k. January 13th I wrote, “Bitcoin to $1500 or $5500?” It’s looking like the answer is $5,500. The Coinbase high of today was $5,121 according to Tradingview.

Break $5,500 and the fight for $6k begins. Bring it on Bears! Your time is up!

I got a lot of crap on StockTwits for calling a “rounded bottom or saucer”. I’m sticking to it. It played out exactly as I predicted with Basic Attention Token (BAT) (chart from March 10th below) Compare that to today’s chart. Gains anyone?

BAT’s up to 32 cents from 21 cents (+52%) the day I posted about it March 10th. I see the total market cap following the same pattern. I’ll say it again before prices keep going up, BUY NOW!

***P.S. — Bitcoin just shattered it’s 200 Day Moving Average. Bears, SMH

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$6k is Coming Bears! Checkmate!

Go Bulls!