Photo by Vincent van Zalinge (at)

Creating ideologies is like catching a butterfly.

Flowing freely with the gentle wind as its help, 
meets our greed as we catch it to a net;

Holding it, sticking a needle through its body, wanting just to collect and look, attaching it with glue into a page of private specimen book;

Measuring it, knowing and so solving the mechanics of its form,
yet unable to find the essence of life once existing at its core;

The subtle thing lying beyond the reach of mere intellect.
That what really attracts and gives significance to any appearance;

Same life can fuse our parts, dissolve limitations, and create one whole, 
a healthy soil where fruits of love and insights may freely grow;

How about you? what do you think?

Is your body and thoughts more important than the life,

Swirling in you deep within?