Athena and The Faithful Sparrow

About Athena, from the distance running towards the cherry tree. With a vengeance, she wants to see the world from up there. One viewpoint which is far from the reach of ordinary people.

Her eyes lit up, amazed. She meets two sparrows on a limb. She doesn’t move, staring quizzically. She is reluctant to interfere, then she noticed.

A very low voice, throat which move quickly, and the blood that flows from the base of the wing; one sparrow is dying. Athena is not in the right time. She doesn’t know what to do. Timidly, his hands still hugging large trunks of the tree. Her blowing shoulder-length brown hair tells silence of creatures that waiting to die.

Two-three minutes passed, the sparrow’s eyes finally closed. Athena can’t imagine how the other sparrow feels, left by bestfriend forever. Her lashes flicks slowly closed, she pray for the death bird and also for the living one. She decides to leave the bird alone, and go back home.

Day and night changed. Athena back to the cherry tree. This time, she brings a pocket of happiness, worried that the bird still longing remembering its friend. Obviously, that sparrow is still on the limb, staring at the morning sun. Never know what it is actually thinking of, with a wing from the other one who have left.

Athena smiles, and not forget to grab something from the back pocket of her pants. Smoothly, she gives a crumb of bread in a sheet of tissue that she collected when breakfast at home. The bird slowly comes up.

In the end, Athena accompanying the faithful sparrow, walk casually toward the tip of the twilight.

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