Why Do I Feel Okay About Money Now?
Megan Reynolds

I so identify with this story and comments here. For the last several months I have been more financially stable than I was in the year before. It’s still not great — that’s the big identifier part. But I can think about a vacation next year when, last year at this time, I really couldn’t. I am going to start paying student loans in January. For a long time, I was afraid to look at the amounts! But now I’ve looked, and it’s doable. My health insurance has doubled in the past year, but I’m making enough that I make those payments too.

I guess the big thing is that I spent a lot of last year afraid of doubling healthcare insurance and student loans, plus just making enough as a freelance writer. And, at the end of the year, I can say it all worked out. The whole “it’s not great; I want it to be better; but it’s ok and I’m not scared.”

I have big scary things ahead. My health care insurance deductible will kick in during January, when I have to do some health-related stuff. I’ll be paying about $1,200 out of pocket next month. I have to negotiate with two student loan providers. Plus, if ACA really is repealed, my healthcare insurance may become unaffordable! Or, even if it isn’t repealed, steadily rising income, if I continue to enjoy it, will result in me paying more.

But, onward and upward in the garden.