How Do You Deal with Mechanical Life ??

Our Life is defined by multiple dimensions. There is work, Job responsibilities, your family and friends, social networking,
and most importantly, your personal space where you would like to follow your passion and indulge in some leisure activities.

Amongst all this, we divide our time and accordingly give our attention in all these areas.

Do you know what happens next?

We become Mechanical ....

We become so attuned to the daily activities and same routine that we forget to experience any of those moments perfectly. Everything is so perfectly set in our lives that we become scared to change even a bit. Look into your life, you will notice that everything is timed and 
calculated. From the time we get up and use the washroom to the time
we go back and crash in bed. We are just rotating around the clock in the
similar manner everyday.

Again and again.. We are simply repeating the same program in our life. 
You like your coffee in a certain manner, you like the breakfast at certain time. 
You like your work desk to be kept in a certain way.

If you pay a closer notice, you will realize that you have timed yourself even
while sipping coffee or tea. An individual becomes so habitual that Consciously
or Unconsciously he/she will finish drinking the cup of coffee in exact time. Not 
a minute less and not a minute more!

Now, a simple question --

~ What is wrong if I have programmed my life or daily routine? 
~ What harm does it do to me?

A simple answer --

Programming your life means you have stopped the process of growth in Life. You will go on repeating the same processes each day and finally this machine called Human Body will wear 
out. On the mental and emotional level, if you keep repeating the same tasks each day, it leads to frustration, anger and lowers your Productivity and Creativity Immensely.

This element is highly dangerous for any individual or organization. Science already proved that human mind is highly efficient and powerful than the best computer built ever.

But at the same time, Humans also have a probability of wearing out
faster than any computer program.

A Simple Solution is --

We are a bundle of Emotions, Thoughts and Feelings. We need to continuously make efforts to balance our Body and Minds. One of the most powerful element here is 'Change the Mechanical Life'.

We cannot change our work timings, projects, deadlines, all that is a part of Work Life and money that we earn but we can surely introduce simple techniques that will Rejuvenate us and help us in charging our batteries.

As a result we perform better and give maximum output in this given life.

Enhance your Performance by simply
Cleaning your Internal Mind and Body.

Let me Share one Simple Technique here-

The moment you get up from bed, most of us will stretch our bodies yet some of us will immediately pick up and check the phones for messages, mails. And then rush to daily chores!

The only change that you need to make here —

Stretch your body. Get up but don’t get down from bed. Immediately check which nostril is working. At any time of day, either your left nostril works or right nostril works! Whichever is working, just Conscious step down of bed with the same foot. If left nostril is working, keep the left foot down first!

This is the Ancient Vedic Secret which keeps your Mind and Body Aligned and Balanced. So that you are prepared to spend your day Joyfully and Productively!

My Journey has been uplifted by various Processes that I happily share with people now! They are Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven and One Stop Solution. I put it all under Vedic Tarot Session (mostly done online) for Increasing Individual Strength!

Feel the Strength Within ~~~

Much Lurv