Details on the relaunch of League of Stakes V2 and Pool 1

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Dear Rivexians, as you may know, League of Stakes v2 and Pool 1 were closed on Friday. We are relaunching staking and Pool 1 farming with some important changes. Please follow below:

***PS: rRVX has been removed, requiring you to either Stake your RVX on LOS v2 and earn RVX, or deposit your RVX into Pool 1 to farm for YRX. You can also split your RVX between LOS v2 and Pool 1 to earn both RVX and YRX — the choice is yours.***

League of Stakes V2 Relaunch

Your RVX has been un-staked and returned to your wallet, and you will need to re-stake. League of Stakes v2 has been relaunched, allowing you to stake your RVX and earn rewards! …



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