After couple years of developing web applications, I wanted something new, something different. I was looking for new technologies which have good support, good community and good perspectives. You will say that it may sounds obvious, nobody will turn to Basic Programming right now and you are right. But I needed a nice introduction for my tutorial.

So, in fact, few weeks ago, I didn’t even know anything about Go Programming, just strict basics like who’s behind and what’s it made for but nothing more. I want to share with you, the way I learned Golang, that allow me today…

In one way or another, you will need to install a web server locally on your machine.
I always hate that part because I never use the same OS or the same version of it. And so the packages, the way to install and configure it, are never the same.
I also never remember the things that I should do to get a nice workspace.

So in this guide, I will share with you 10 steps for installing a nice web server locally on Ubuntu 16.04.

It also should works on different version or distribution but I did not test…


Developper interrested in too many things. Tech Jungler

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