When the dark clouds decide, to let go of its water,

And birds and animals run for cover.

One bird decides, now’s not the time.

Let me come out and dance, till the sun shall shine.

Image Used Under a Creative Commons (Attribution) License

It spreads out it’s feathers and starts to sing.

With a crown, on its head, it feels like a king.

When everyone’s watching, it starts to dance.

A beautiful sight at first glance.

In life, we face struggles everyday.

When the blue skies fade and the dark clouds are at bay.

When the oceans crash against the shore.

And though you’re scared, you step out the door.

And as your feet hit the ground,

You belch in pain, as you look down.

For lo, the ground is filled with stones,

So many and so hard they hurt your bones.

Though it hurts, you start to dance.

And when you stumble, give yourself another chance.

For You’ve learned to dance and dance you must.

Till, all the stones, shall turn to dust.