DFW (Dear Friends Writers)

A letter from our founder Alberto Motta to our fellow authors

Questa mail è stata inviata il giorno 9 febbraio agli autori pubblicati nei primi tre numeri di Rivista Letteraria, viene ora resa pubblica per tutti i bravi scrittori lì fuori.

Dear friends writers

I’m working on the new issue of our beloved Rivista Letteraria.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

Essay: nail art, vivisection, rocket science, digitally driven end of sex (interesting? don’t know), math, hotellerie, formica laminate, Paris, having a bath, suburbs weltanschauung, racism, games of cards, kitchen as a carachter (cool one!), boxe, knitting, fuel, clothes, else.

Non fiction: has anything bizarre happened to you? Would you talk about this?

Poetry: impress me, because I don’t understand poetry, mostly.

Fiction: same as poetry.

And here’s what I’m NOT looking for: cool cities (Berlin, New York, etc.) and style and poor late night sex and rock ’n’ roll tough style.

Have you got something for me?


mail: rvstletteraria@gmail.com

Feel free to forward this message of mine to friends and colleagues.

I love you DFW,


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