American Airlines- Headlining the Airline Services

When planning to travel across a number of destinations all over the world, it would not be such a bad idea to choose American Airlines as your travel partner, given the fact that it is the world’s largest airline when measured by fleet size, revenue, and scheduled passenger — kilometers flown, and the second largest by number of destinations served. Only a carrier like American Airlines can be acclaimed with such accolades in a single line! Operating all its operations from its headquarters at Fort Worth, Texas, nearly 6,700 American Airlines flights ferry an average of 140,000 passengers daily to over 350 destinations all over the world. It was first formed in the year 1930 by merging a number of airline carriers.

In order to carry out operations at such a large scale, the airlines has an impressive fleet size of around 950 aircraft's. They are the fifth largest Boeing airplane operator that comprises of Boeing 777–223ER, Boeing 767–323ER, Boeing 767–223ER, Boeing 757–223, Boeing 737–823, and Boeing MD-80. Apart from the Boeings, American Airlines mainly uses the Airbus A320 series for carrying its passengers.

With a large number of corporate offices from India having established their branches in the US and also a large number of student population going to the US for higher studies and work related opportunities, the traffic between the two countries has been on a consistent rise. In order to make your booking with American Airlines, there are a number of Online Travel Agents providing their services in India. Websites such as, Expedia .com, Make My, Travel Guru, etc. are amongst the key players in this field of work. You can simply make a booking online using your credit card or debit card and use the online print to exchange it for actual tickets at the airport counter on the day of your journey. What is more is that you can also find exclusive deals and discounts apart from the available offers while making a first booking with a particular website. You can also download the app and get further discounts for your booking with American Airlines.

So go ahead and make your booking with one of the largest airlines in the world today.