Why “A” grade students work for “C” grade students. (Robert T. Kiyosaki)

A great book by great writer .I just put theme of this book here .The main 10 point about “C” grade students .we all know mind seeknees of today’s students they all wants good markes or good grade in study but they missed some important and beautiful life charms. Robert T kiyosaki compare A grade with C grade.

Differences between A and C!

1: “C” grade students are innovative thinker (ہٹ کے سوچنے والے)

While “A” grade are not you know they are (رٹا,presentation, number کی دوڑ )

2: “C” grade students are fearless risk taker (بے خوف ہر چیز کا مزا لینے والےخطراہ لینے والے) they have no academic ego.

While “A” grade are full of academic ego(نکل بھی لگواتا ہے تو غلط لگواتا ہے تا کہ اگلا فیل ہو)

When life licks the dust, the first ones to fall and then get up are the “C” grade students.

جب زندگی دھول چٹاتی ہے تو سب سے پہلے سی گریٹ ہئ گر کے اوٹھ جاتے ہیں

At this condition “A” grade fall into depression or become suicide because they can’t bear fallness.

3: “C” grade students are Resume independent .haha they think one piece of paper never explain a student qualities. They are independent about CV or Resume.

While “A” grade students are resumes depends. Not quality dependent.

4: “C” grade students rise question on system. Why, how, what.

While “A” grade students just accept the things.

5: “C” grade students never accept Subjugated mindset( محکوم ذہنیت) .Ther walking on bitten path.

While “A” grade only said “yes sir” “I did sir” “ I definitely did sir” 😂

6: “C” grade students have not superiority complex(ahsas tafukar)

While “A” grade students said I am a medallist why people ignore me. Why m I not the Jan e mhfil.

7: “C” grade students discovered purpose some funny example

مرزا غالب آج آگر پنجاب یونورسٹی سے پڑھتا تو کپس میں ٹیوشن پڑھاتا.

لیکن وہ نہیں پڑھا.

That’s why now he is in books .😂alot of Successful people just 10th pass.

8: “C” grade students are hard ship driven

9: “C” grade students have no standard.They are free to do things

10: Save the best for the last. C grade students are lobbiest. They makes group. Playing games in groups. They are not alone

While A grade are not

🙌This book or blog didn’t mean you not run for A grade. You can but those who can’t do they are not loser they are 1 to 10😍

🙌 The purpose of this blog is this please teacher and parents never degrade your students and children. Please help them to discover their ideas. Help them to show who actually they are.

See you with another.





@I Am freelance book reader! I am freelance content writer! I am a blogger

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@I Am freelance book reader! I am freelance content writer! I am a blogger

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