Why I Started Writing on Medium

Well I guess I should give some kind of explanation so that people won’t think I’ve flipped out and started posting up anything. Over the past year I’ve been thinking of writing a book-like for real this time. I figured I would do it the way I learned how to rap and perform in front of people. By doing it.

I found out about Medium by the disappearance of magazines. I missed picking up a magazine and flipping through the pages and reading a good article. Since I like reading articles, I stumbled upon Medium and thought this was perfect for what I wanted to do.

I would practice my writing by sharing it on the internet. Maybe some people like it or whatever. The main thing, I would be writing and getting better at it.

See I’m a little anxious and socially awkward and can’t express myself in the moment all the time. I was picked on as a kid and never really felt like I belonged to after high school when I started rapping. Writing allows me to express myself and feel normal. So I’m just write my thoughts on the world, short stories, poems and anything I want to share . I’ve read so many books and magazines and think about all types of stuff that I want to share with people.

I never been to school for writing and only took a couple of English courses in school so my grammar and punctuation is not the best but hopefully I know enough to get me point across.

Come on an journey through a digital journal of rhymes, stories and anything I can imagine.

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