Lesson learned, Twitter chats are fast


Brand chat is the twitter chat I decided to participate in. I did a little research prior to deciding on #brandchat , and to be honest I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the content. But in the end from my point of view I was able to engage in great conversation with some people that seemed to be really in touch with some popular brands. I decided on #brandchat because I thought it was something I was knowledgable about and after reading the questions prior to the chat I had a few things prepared to say that I thought would contribute.

I knew I had reached the pinnacle of my short twitter chat life when #brandchat retweeted my answer to the question “What do you recommend brands measure to assess a brand’s responsiveness?”

Which as seen above was a pretty popular tweet. This reminded me though that it isn’t about having a popular tweet but more about contributing to the conversation that makes everyone rethink their opinion and stance on certain things.


Things became clear that everyone was really paying attention to all the tweets being sent out because after I tweeted about @UnderArmour there was a quick response by James Ellis when he tweeted “ UnderArmour is about to face a huge crisis as it’s CEO and its star endorsers… aren’t on the same page anymore #brandchat “ This in a sense was cool because it made me realize I was contributing to the discussion but he also brought up a point that many other people in the chat touched on.


The brandchat twitter chat was a big learning experience for me as I look to begin my professional life in the business world and the social media world. Being able to engage in conversation on platforms like twitter are helpful for not just people like me, but I think anyone who is looking for ways to learn about a certain topic. For example if I was a well known brand and was active on twitter I would follow and read through the brandchat chat almost every week. It would allow them to gain the insight of many people who use social media and are possibly using their brand first hand. On the other hand an individual who is trying to learn about anything, even if it isn’t a brand, can search for a twitterchat that pertains to their interests and participate or just follow along with the chat.