Head Coach Scott Dale shares his thoughts on the challenges faced on this epic race.

Please describe how you feel about the Moloka’i race? Why is it important to you?

It is the Super Bowl of outrigger racing. It’s character-building, you’ve got to reach down inside yourself during the race and ask yourself some tough questions.

Why do you think your team has what it takes to perform well at Moloka’i ?

We have been developing our teams strength and depth for several years now in Hong Kong and they are improving all the time. We still continue to evolve however the results are starting to come through as we have a wider paddler base that train regularly together.

What is the experience like in the crew?

Very varied — we have paddlers who have extensive international experience having competed in several Molokai Hoe’s, to rookies who have recently joined outrigger canoeing typically through dragon boating. A sport that is as close to a national sport as you’ll find in Hong Kong. This is different to the typical entry to the sport, compared to established and traditional outrigger powerhouse countries.

How will you overcome challenges as a team?

Challenges are always overcome through a sense of brotherhood. We are just one big family working as hard as we can for each other and ourselves.

What does your training program look like?

Training program is a mixture of both OC1 and OC6 training on the water, complimented by dry land and weight training. Weekday water sessions are typically interval based and weekend sessions (when we have more time) we get in the longer pieces.

What are some of the sacrifices you and the team will make to get to Moloka’i?

Like all paddlers seeking to compete in these types of events, it’s important to have a great support network from families, friends and employers as the time commitment to training is significant. It’s super important to be well supported by your loved ones as they more than sacrifice a lot to allow us these opportunities to compete.

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Hong Kong VRC Paddle Team is based on the south side of Hong Kong Island in Deep Water Bay and competes in outrigger canoe and dragon boat. VRC paddlers have a love for the culture, history, and sport of paddling. Since 1996, VRC (formerly Island Paddle Club) has sent men’s and women’s crews to races in Hawaii and other international destinations each year. In 2016, VRC placed 3rd in the Men’s Masters division of Moloka’i Hoe. The future brings high aspirations for VRC Crews at Moloka’i Hoe. Follow Talis Crew’s Road2Molokai @ medium.com/@Road2Molokai as we share their stories and their journey on achieving greatness. #VRCpaddleclub #R2M #RoadtoMolokai #achievegreatness #taliscrew http://vrcpaddleclub.com/
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