Required reading if you’re trying to understand what it’s like to be Black in America
Kari Cobham

“widespread racism and stereotyping that young black men face by everyone — even other African-Americans.” You have to be willfully in denial, and/or brainwashed, and/or need this for your agenda, not to see how ridiculous this statement is. I’ve heard many arguments that try to prove it’s possible, but every one of them is just a convoluted attempt to prove an untruth. Every race dislikes other people of their same race, but it’s b/c of differences in politics, religion, opinions, attitudes, or a myriad of reasons — but not race. If anything, it’s a deliberate construct, or a mental illness, to believe in same-on-same racism. The irony of Eric Holder’s statement, that we’re a nation of cowards, is that many claims of racism are by someone looking for an edge to exploit for money, fame, power — name your poison — so they can get something they want but didn’t get. Promotion went to someone else? Happens to same-on-same every minute. Driver cut you off? Ditto. Someone cut in line? Yep. Person doesn’t like you? Duh. So quit whining, crying, and feeling sorry for yourself. Make your way in life like everybody else. And when the police tell you to stop, lie down, etc. — just do it. Don’t get foul-mouthed and abusive with police. I guarantee that if I, as white as it gets, do that to a white police officer, I’m going to get the same treatment as the blackest or brownest person out there. I’ve seen videos of every color including white-on-white, and it’s the same result: you get up-ended, thrown like a bag of potatoes, flattened like a pancake, bruised, scraped, arms dislocated, cut, shot. I’ve had that conversation where I told my kids exactly how to behave when the police tell you to do something: you do exactly what they tell you, don’t run or argue, you let them cuff and arrest you, say yes sir and no sir, don’t insult them. Only a complete moron thinks they can run or fight with a cop and not end up hurt or dead — once you start that, cops have no idea where you’ll stop, and they don’t want to end up hurt or dead, so they’re going to subdue you with everything they’ve got to avoid them getting worse injuries. It’s your own fault then.

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