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Day by day as the technology is advancing so is the need and usage of GPS and devices related to it is advancing. GPS systems and devices are widely being used to plan, map and track trips for both business and for pleasure. Global positioning system generally known as GPS is a system which consists of a network of about 24 satellites. They orbit around the earth at 7,000 miles an hour. With the availability of GPS maps one can route, re-route trips to any destination. Whether by car that you are driving which has GPS devices installed in it or hiking and biking through the adventure with a hand held GPS tracking device

We at Roadpoint have always created GPS devices that our compact in size and easy to use. GPS receivers are the primary reason behind the expense. They are big and clunky, and required substantial amounts of power to run them; at least more than a few batteries could provide.

But today GPS is accessible to all. The technology is so advanced that our mobile phones are also enabled with GPS features which helps in navigation etc.

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