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Aug 20, 2018 · 2 min read

Canggu Taxi Mafia & how to avoid them

Ok so you’re enjoying yourself in various parts of Canggu like “The Lawn” “Old Man”, “La Lagun”, “Finns beach club” & you come across a group of men sitting in bamboo huts or they have a price board for various locations with pricing 2–5x normal prices.. Welcome to the Taxi Mafia of Bali.

As a resident of bali normally i’d bite my tongue as most of the expats here ride bikes and avoid the Mafia all together but unfortunately some of the Mafia have been getting violent to outside drivers and even smashing up vehicle’s and physically assaulting drivers, so now its time we become more vocal.

Quick Tips:

Prices do vary depending on the time of day and availability of drivers (add 20% for peak times)

Outside drivers wont risk coming to collect you, its dangerous for them.

Download two apps (Grab & GoJek)

If a GoJek or Grab driver asks for more money, cancel your request and try a new driver.

Bluebird Taxi’s are the only legitimate taxis in Bali, ask for them to use meter, Bluebird Taxi’s are cheap for small trips, long trips use a “Car” from Grab or GoJek.

BlueBiro’s are NOT Bluebirds (despite them looking the same)

Standard pricing to various places (too or from canggu, Seminyak prices will be very similar), Bikes are slightly less than half the following prices.

Canggu to Seminyak 20k to 50k (from Finns bistro its 25k)

Canggu to Jimbaran 80k

Canggu to Kuta 80k

Canggu to the Airport 70k to 130k

Canggu to Ubud 150k

Price of a driver for 1 whole day 500–700k (includes 12 hours driving & fuel)

How to escape the Mafia?

Firstly i encourage you to tell the local businesses you wont keep coming back to this area because of the cost of driving out, let them know the damage its causing.

I also encourage you NOT TO GIVE INTO THEIR DEMANDS and take a longer walk to get outside their zone.

If you’re at Finns beach club, jump on their free bus and drive to their second location “Finns bistro”, this will enable you to catch a taxi outside the mafia zone (whilst i’m writing this, they are already trying to resurrect another mafia zone that covers this area)

If you’re at “The Lawn” “Old Man” just walk to the beach and turn right, if you walk about 300m (along the beach) you will come across backstreets outside the mafia zones & can use GoJek or Grab.

If you’re at “La Lagun” Walk to the beach, turn left and walk about 200m down and you will find streets that are outside the mafia Zone.

Good Luck with your travel!

Regards the Digital Nomad.

The Bali Nomad

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