How socially responsible entrepreneurship is making the difference in the future of disadvantaged children.

Jul 5, 2018 · 3 min read

Amsterdam, June 2018. Leading crowdsourcing company Roamler, and children aid organization Net4Kids join hands to safeguard children living on the streets of India. The children’s personal development stops as survival takes priority over education. Thus their chances in life are reduced and safety cannot be guaranteed. This is where Net4kids and Roamler come in, joining forces to empower children in disadvantaged areas of India with the means to build a better future. From the start of 2018, Roamler is donating the equivalent of 1% of the sum earned by its community members.

When Crowdsourcing becomes a means for a sustainable future

As Europe’s leading mobile crowdsourcing company, Roamler has always operated with the mission of empowering people by creating opportunities for their personal and professional growth. With the motto ‘Changing the way people work’, the company aims to improve the quality of life of its users.

Just by using their smartphones, “Roamlers” from all over Europe can perform a variety of geo-located tasks, such as checking the presence of specific products in supermarkets, and earn money on their own terms. Supported by the strength of a community of more than 500.000 people and enabled by the connections and expertise of Net4Kids, Roamler is now committing with this donation agreement to take its mission to the next level, by allowing its own users to make the difference in the future of thousands of disadvantaged children.

Jeroen ten Haave, Roamler CEO, and Loek van den Boog, founder & chairman of Net4kids have found each other in their vision of corporate social responsibility.

“It’s fantastic to be able to enter into this partnership with Roamler. We both believe that business has a huge opportunity to make a difference for vulnerable children” — states Loek van de Boog — “Roamler is a striking example of a company that, with its purpose and core business, not only drives the growth of the company, but also cares about making the difference in the lives of people, who would otherwise hardly have any opportunities.”

Roamler hopes with this new partnership to encourage other entrepreneurs into getting started with contributing to a sustainable future.

“Net4kids has allowed our company, as well as our Roamlers, to contribute in making the difference for less fortunate communities”- continues Jeroen ten Haave — “Today, being an entrepreneur means being able to create a sustainable future for everyone, not just for their business. At Roamler we believe that looking beyond your own backyard is the only way we can provide the next generations with opportunities, a better quality of life and ultimately, real progress. “

About Net4Kids

Net4Kids is the children’s aid organization for companies. From the belief that children all over the world are the next generation, Net4Kids offers opportunities for these children to develop. It does this by connecting companies in the Netherlands with appropriate, concrete initiatives in Africa and Asia. Net4Kids combines a business approach with emotional involvement and transparently implements the CSR policy of companies that have this subject high on the agenda. For more information see

About Roamler

Founded in 2011, Roamler provides businesses with B2B crowdsourced solutions, answering the call of companies for efficiency with a widespread crowd of professionals and individuals who perform on-demand tasks anytime and anywhere. This helps businesses increase flexibility and enables people to access a wider range of opportunities, according to their availability, skills and location.

Roamler is active in different fields, from field marketing, to technical installations, to home care, managing a crowd of thousands of individuals spread all over Europe. These “Roamlers” are recruited, trained, and organized according to their skills, experience, and location, and then matched to “tasks” through a smartphone app.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, Roamler is rapidly expanding its footprint, with offices in Germany, France, the UK, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

To know more about the project, Crowdsourcing with Roamler and to schedule an interview, please contact


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Roamler offers crowd-powered solutions for business. By matching location-based tasks with a large crowd, it creates new opportunities for companies and people.

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