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Comeneat App for Restaurant Owners


Restaurant owners download this wonderful or amazing app freely for their Tablets and Smartphones to take an online order process easily. From small-scale to medium-scale restaurants uses the world’s best simplest online order receiving system, which is created by Comeneat. This app modernizes your tablet or smartphone into an order-receiving system and streamlines your online order taking process for both delivery and pickup.


You can use this app by login with your given restaurant’s username and password.

Use the login details acquired from the admin panel of your restaurant account.

You might receive from a local partner or call us if you don’t have an account.

How it works?

Login details are received by restaurant owners from Eat 24hours Clone admin site and install it in their Tablet or Smartphones.

Restaurant owners receives notification to their Tablet or Smartphones instantly when a customer make an order via your mobile apps, Facebook or website.

Ordering & delivery process are managed by restaurants owners easily by using Grubhub Clone order receiving app.

This order-receiving apps controls or manages your order-taking process easily and spins out your Smartphone or Tablet into an order-receiving device.


The smartphone or tablet turned into an order receiving system

Restaurant owners receives orders from your mobile apps, Facebook page or website widgets.

-Restaurant owners can view the accurate routing map for customer location easily and quickly based on Google map by using our Zomato Clone Order Receiving Apps.

-New order notification displays on your Smartphone or Tablet, when the apps is closed in your mobile by using .

-Confirmation mail is send to your customer email systematically if restaurant owners accepts or rejects orders

-Restaurant owner views customer order details such as Name, Contact number, address, locality on the map via FoodPanda Clone Order Receiving Apps.

JustEat Clone Order Receiving Apps is user-friendly and displays menu order list and other significant details at a grant look, in a single screen.Grubhub Clone