Food Delivery Tracking System

Tracking function

Food Delivery Tracking System tracks location of your driver with your customer through email in a real-time tracking map-based view. It allows customers to track food deliveries as they go out to destinations. The system also tracks each Restaurant Delivery System for customer and displays on the website in a Google mapping view.


Restaurant Fleet Management system assigns the task to all your drivers and waiting for acceptance from them. Finally, based on acceptance the system allows you to assign the task to the driver manually. Notification is send to driver once food delivery order is accepted and also entire routing map will be shown in driver app from (driver location-restaurant-customer) with delivery timing.

Alert Notification

Notifications will send to drivers and customer for each Driver Management System process acceptance with date, timing, payment method, menu price, customer address and order id automatically

Driver App

Dispatch System app enables your drivers to navigate and communicate with customers and collects signature, take photos and write down the special notes based on customer orders. Just your driver needs only driver app to get their job done.

Manage/assign order

Food Delivery Tracking System can manage orders of ordered customers and also gives order status. It can also manage from incoming orders to completed orders. The system can view for which or specific order corresponding driver has been assigned exactly and quickly. The system can also cancel order request if the driver does not accept the order in-case of emergency and provides complete details of customer orders.


  • Our customer doesn’t know about the order delivery timing?
  • At right time, our customers get order delivery?
  • Ringing or calling up most often times for order delivery by our customers are bored?

Solution of Dispatch System

  • Restaurant Delivery System controls controller both drivers and orders at same time easily.
  • Orders and drivers status can be tracked easily and quickly.
  • Customers can able to know their order status via tracking URL.