Free Online Receiving App

With our “Menu Order” option your home page your website will have a “Tasty” appeal to the users who browse your page. What is unique is the website remains unaffected with the installation of our application in your website. This easy to install application will give a new “lip smacking” feel to your website making it.

Showcase your “Yummy” menu

Our “Free Facebook Food Ordering System” app will help customers breeze through your “Yummy” menu helping customers pick and choose easily. They can add as many items as weight in any quantity. They can keep adding to the cart all the items they choose and towards the end get to see what they ordered.

Restaurant Info

Free Online Receiving App will have all information pertaining to your restaurant. You can specify minimum order value and also the time required for delivery. Delivery cost if any can be specified as well. For the benefit of customers you can mention the time the restaurant is open and also indicate the time it is closed. You can change any of the above information at any given time.

Trouble-free Checkout

The “Free Menu Order” app has a very simple and easy checkout choice. As the customer picks his items he can view them in his check out page the items he has ordered. He can make any changes depending on his available budget. The customer can alter his order during the time of the check out.

Unlimited Orders

The “Restaurant Online order system” app has no limits sets with the number of orders that a customer can pick nor does it restrict the restaurant owner in receiving limited orders. The orders can be limitless as long as you can serve your customers.