How to increase site ranking with Roar Bear

Almost every person occupied in any professional activity would like to have his own business or at least have ever thought about it. Imagine this: you own or would like to start some business — e.g. a flower shop or a car wash. The first thing you need is your representation in the network. Yes, you need to have your own site. Create a site in today’s world is not a problem. There are a lot of paid/free templates, freelancers, web design agencies and different companies. Everyone can make you a website — free or paid — it doesn’t matter, your site will finally be made. It could be well or bad-crafted; expensive or not, but in the end you’ll get a result every user could see. Visiting your website they’ll see what your business is about, what do you sell and provided services. Even if there will be only bare text without pictures on your site, you will be understood. Well, the picture will be «not so much». But, think a bit what information a flower shop or car wash site’s graphical content bears for a user? Sure, flowers grow in pots, cars are being washed — that’s obvious for everyone. For what do we need banners with car washers, or bouquets of roses/tulips? One will take a glance at it and forget it immediately. So, we’ve made a site, and what’s next? We’re waiting for site visitors…

Now we come around to another problem — the problem of client base. Where can you find your clients, if no one knows about your website? Let’s address to site promotion specialists: «You need to spend some money on advertisement, yet you need contextual advertising, you should be promoted in social networks. Go ahead, spend thousands of dollars on advertising, it’ll help, because one click on query of few words costs only one dollar, and yes, everybody’s looking at contextual advertising, and Google/FB will have your website upon request “I’d like to wash my car in {CityName} or I’d like to buy a big bouquet of roses in {CityName} at the moment when a person really wants to wash a car of to buy a bouquet of flowers in {CityName}, and he’ll click on the banner and will wash a car or buy flowers from you. At the same time the advertisement of dozens other flower shops and car washes will be shown later or won’t be displayed at all.

Are you serious? If yes, let’s close up everything and bet a dollar on zero in roulette. Well, that will work. If zero appear you’ll just about cover expenses of zeros you’ve laid on the previous stake. And if there appear… Well I hope you’ve made sense of it.

So what does it take if contextual advertising (and so on) is not efficient?

It is very simple — you need your website to be shown according to users’ certain requests, e. g. “I’d like to wash my car in {CityName}. It’s position should be as high as possible in related queries — and nothing more!

Any annoying advertisements in banners — only the result of the request. A user typed a query “I’d like to get this”, clicked the link and got what he wanted. Do you agree?

So, it was quite a long introduction. Now let’s get to the point. In this article, we would like to introduce to you 2 our apps — Bear Site Ranking Booster and Bear Site Visitor. The applications are designed for increasing your website position in search engines. These apps are based on manipulation of the rule that is used by search engines for a reassessment of websites’ ranking — “a click moves to action”. Here is the matter of this rule: a website that has been chosen by user for the greatest number of time due to some request and on which he has hold for a lot of time, is to appear on higher positions than other websites. In other words, if Website1 appeared, according to the query, at which users clicked for a higher number of time than on Website 2, and at the same time stood out for enough time (weren’t leaving it right away after 1–2 seconds) — it means that Website1 is to appear higher than Website2, according to this request.

Bear Site Ranking Booster
Bear Site Visitor

Let’s describe common characteristics of apps Bear Site Ranking Booster and Bear Site Visitor. Both of the apps represent full browser emulation based on browser core library which is the part of distribution. Apps allow you to create scenario by a click on your website in request result and by following links inside the website. Thus, the rule “a click moves to action” works on your website and it’s position is starting to improve.

For making clicks unique next parameters are used:

· IP (proxy)

· User agent header

· Screen size

· Additional headers

A user points at the above-mentioned list, then applications generate unique scope links parameters mentioned above and we get unique users as a result. For unification by IP proxies are used. You can use private of public proxy addresses. Proxies could be purchased at proxy provider (such as Private proxies could be obtained manually (by copying of proxy list) or compiled by special program. We have a tool for collecting and checking public proxies — Too Many Proxies. You may use this or any other app (including free software).

Too Many Proxies

It is possible to set up IP unification through VPN or by changing IP addresses mechanism. In this case, after a visit had been carried out, the process enters a sleep mode until the IP in the system is not changed.

Bear Site Visitor was historically the first app we’ve developed. This tool works with Google and Bing and used first generation browser core, that was replaced by a new, more productive, without any influence on the result. Good reviews are the best evidence.A user sets visit settings manually — intervals, clicking parameters and other.

After the end of testing and start of working in real-time, the app works in offline mode. A user observes the process in real time, (screenshots of browser core) and get all the information in message log list and statistics.

Bear Site Ranking Booster app had been developed relatively recently. This tool is working with 5 search engines: Google, Bing, Baido, Yahoo and Yandex. In this app a new, more productive browser core is used. Unlike Site Visitor, the app includes 3 operation modes:

“Ranking Booster” — when the system calculates effective scenario of booster based on your site analytics, in order to have a good mixed real and generated site traffic. “Traffic Blast” — when you define how much traffic you want to have — just like another similar application provided, but with the ability of visiting through search engines; “Manual” — manual configuration.

In Ranking Booster mode a user points website statistics: ranges of the number of visitors a day, time interval when your site has 80% of visitors, devices using statistics (desktops to mobile devices), screen size statistics and other parameters. The “Booster ratio” setting is indicated as well. This determines the intensity of traffic generation by the app, resulting in mixing of generated with real traffic in optimal proportion.

Yet it is hard or even impossible to differentiate generated traffic from the real one.

“Traffic Blast” mode is used when you need to generate a huge amount of traffic. In this case you state the number of visitors per hour you need to get. On that basis, the system calculates timeouts and a quantity of parallel processings you want to start.

One more unique feature of this app is human-like typing — that feature makes the tool unique from another similar seo tools. The app is typing like a humen — letter by letter.

…But still, what about paid advertising — adwords, facebook insight, contextual advertising…? What strategy to use — pays for advertising and improves real traffic OR improves site positions through traffic generation?

The answer is simple — try both.

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