2014: The year that was. Thank you!
Rohan Chandrashekhar

Real luxury is within!

This isn’t the story of change, but one of realisation. Of how a luxury fashion marketeer trades her Jimmy Choos and Armanis for a farm tractor!

If there was one thing that 2014 taught me it was ironically change! Change of perspectives, change of environment and change that keeps you alive.. I’d spent the last eight years as a marketeer for some of the world’s best luxury brands in fashion and then one day I woke up and figured what luxury really ought to be. It does not matter what handbag, watch or shoe you wear unless you are a really fit and healthy person. Most of us spend our best years chasing these false ego enhancing products that ultimately are not making us happy people. We are stressed and burnt out in most cases by the time we reach our 40s or if you are really lucky then 50. So what if we made a lifestyle choice that kept us healthy, fit and faboulous?

It is really quite simple. You are what you eat. How often do we think about what we feed into our bodies unless we are ill? I doubt eating right has that much focus as other objects of desire in our lives. What if we choose to start with Luxury Within?

That is really the genesis of my new venture: Organic Farming! Starting now I will dedicate my energies to producing foods that are 100%organic. Grown with utmost care on a hillside farm which has never seen a fertiliser or chemical on its soil. A forest land being cultivated to produce the healthiest fruits, vegetables and herbs that you can imagine. Food that will make us feel beautiful within!

P.s. — the author previously seen at DLF Emporio (Luxury Mall in New Delhi) can now be found sipping apple cider under the stars in a remote forest.